Development in Tucson Just Got Cheaper!

January 17, 2012

By Jewell Anderson
Planning Intern, Downtown Tucson Partnership
Urban Planning MS Candidate
School of Landscape Architecture and Planning
University of Arizona

Development has become less expensive in Tucson. In April, 2011, the Governor signed into law comprehensive changes to the impact fee regulations, all intended to reduce the cost of development. Impact fees are a common infrastructure financing tool used by cities and towns throughout Arizona. They are one-time, up-front charges collected at the issuance of a building permit, usually collected from both residential and commercial development. The purpose of impact fees is to ensure that new development pays a proportionate share of capital improvements associated with necessary public services. In compliance with SB 1525, as of January 1, 2012, the City implemented a new fee schedule that reduced the amount they charge for municipal fees.

For more details on the reduction in impact fees and how it applies to your project, please contact the City of Tucson’s Development Services Department ((520) 791-5550). For background on SB 1525, please see



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