Immigrant Investor Program, EB-5

December 14, 2012




The very wise Oscar Turner introduced us to the EB-5 program a few months ago.  It is formally known as the Immigrant Investor Program designed to stimulate job creation and capital investment with foreign investment.  Details on the program are here:

Novogradac does seminars on various investment tools, and we recently participated in one on the EB-5 program.  The comprehensive presentation from Novogradac is here (.pdf).

Our analysis was that if one had foreign investors eager for permanent resident status in the US, then this program was a terrific way to bring investment here.

Arizona has four regional centers to process EB-5 applications.  They are:

Arizona Arizona Alternative Energy Center, LLC
Central Arizona Regional Center
Grand Canyon Regional Center, LLC
Green Card Fund, LLC
Liberty West Regional Center

For more information, please contact one of the centers or our office.


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