New Tool for Accessing Federal Funds

February 19, 2013

BusinessUSA.gov, a Presidential initiative designed to help small business and exporters Discover opportunities, Connect with the right resources and Grow was recently re-launched. BusinessUSA is the first fully integrated federal website, reflecting a new level of collaboration among federal agencies and a stronger commitment to more streamlined and efficient customer service.

Check out the new BusinessUSA! We’ve created a simpler and more intuitive website for users. The new BusinessUSA offer visitors a direct path to programs and tools such as financing, exporting, starting and growing a business, veteran’s programs and disaster assistance.

We made it easy to access government programs that can help you grow your small business. Some of our new cool features include:

•             Make An Appointment

•             On-line Chat

•             1-800-FED-INFO

•             Ask A Question

•             Step by Step Guides to Help You Find Opportunities, Access Financing, Understand New Healthcare Changes, and Learn About Taxes & Credits

Sign up for email updates at business.usa.gov to keep abreast of new features as we add them, or to personalize the information you want to receive. Also, follow us on twitter @BizUSA.

The BusinessUSA Team

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