Downtown Tucson + 1000 More College Students

March 25, 2013

What are all these new folks going to need?  From http://www.bncollege.com/news/2012-back-to-college-shopping-what-are-students-buying/

  • Click on image above to view the full infographic.


So, what are the most wanted products this back-to-college season? MRY tracked dozens of items across several categories and found that while the big-ticket items like tablets, big screen TVs and gaming consoles are on students’ wish lists, they will spend the majority of their money on essentials for class: laptops, printers, software and clothing.

  • Laptops – 40% bought new, 36% plan to buy
  • Productivity Software – 24% bought new, 29% plan to buy
  • Credit Card – 35% signed up, 62% plan to sign up
  • Checking Account – 43% signed up, 42% plan to sign up
  • PayPal Account – 33% signed up, 34% plan to buy
  • Streaming Media Service – 34% signed up, 25% plan to buy
  • Fall Fashion – 61% bought clothes, $200 spent on average

For more information on MRY’s back-to-college study, visit http://www.mry.com/.

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