MLK Apartments

October 14, 2010

The MLK Apartments are located just east of the Ronstadt Transit Center and just a minute walk from a modern streetcar stop. (Photo/AZ Daily Star and Lloyd Construction)


Completed in the Fall of 2010, the MLK Apartments is a 6-story public housing complex consisting of 68-units for the elderly and/or people with disabilities and also a 2 level below-grade 52 space parking garage(Depot Plaza Garage). The City of Tucson was the developer and the total cost of the project was approximately $23 million. This Low-Income Housing project has 55 rental units with rates lower than the rent/income ceiling. This resource efficient building is LEED Silver-certified.


MLK Apartments In the News:

MLK apartment nearing completion in downtown Tucson

Applications open April 6 for new MLK Apartments