Lesco Optique Offers Glasses/frames at its New Downtown Shop

December 2, 2011

By Teya Vitu

Lesco Optical has all sides covered. You can get frames and lenses for as low as $29 on the east side, northwest side, south side and midtown.

Plenty of other retailers big and small cover the same bases.

Sergio Guayante and David Lester are bringing color and mirrors to Lesco Optique

Lesco is upping the ante, opening its grandest location Downtown at 25 East Congress Street with a name twist to Lesco Optique that co-owners David Lester and Sergio Guayante find more befitting for the boutique setting they opted for.

Lesco Optique will start taking orders December 5 and expects to start processing orders December 7.

Instead of the clinical white of the other Lesco stores, the walls at Optique are mostly bathed in a sassy green set off with some brown and turquoise panels. Small circular mirrors dot the walls and serve as backdrops for shelves of glasses. Four upholstered chairs in the center of the retail area supply riotous color.

“We’re very Vegas, Manhattan looking,” Lester said. “We want to bring that look Downtown.”

Guayante grew up Downtown, in the Iron Horse Neighborhood just off 4th Avenue, and he now lives in the Julian-Drew Building at Broadway and 5th Avenue.

“Coming Downtown was a dream of mine,” Guayante said. “The community down here didn’t have anything like this. It was time for us to move down here. A lot of our patients are already based down here.”

Lester and Guayante, both 47, have worked together since Lester opened the first Lesco Optical in 1989 at 4444 East Grant Road. Lester owns the company and Guayante is the manager for operations, but they are co-owners of the Lesco Optique branch.

“Sergio was always saying Downtown is going to thrive and we should be doing it one day,” Lester said.

Lesco is moving its company headquarters Downtown from the Grant Road store. The Lesco laboratory and manufacturing operation will also move Downtown.

“I had my eyes on this spot for quite a few years,” said Lester, a Pima County constable. “A few weeks ago, my wife and I started coming Downtown to have breakfast at Hotel Congress. It’s got a nice feeling and we want to be part of that just to feel the buzz and culture and new life coming down here.”

Sergio Guayante has lobbied for a Downtown Lesco glasses shop for years.

Lesco Optique plants a flag of sort as the type of business that makes Downtown livable. It falls in the same category as dry cleaner or grocery store, the kinds of places that create an urban living dynamic.

Guayante hopes Lesco’s commitment to Downtown will inspire other entrepreneurs with branches across town to add one Downtown.

“This will help others interested in coming down here,” Guayante said.

Lesco Optique offers a spacious 2,000-square-foot retail space offering 600 to 800 styles of frames. The standard rate for nearly all frames and lenses is $29 for single vision and $49 for bifocals.

“We’re able to purchase amazing frames in volume,” Lester said. “We’re value based.”

The Downtown store is also the only Lesco store in Tucson to carry high-end sunglasses like Valerie Spencer, Rodenstock, Ray Ban and Oakley.

The Optique store hours are Monday to Friday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Saturday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Lesco Optical’s other stores are at 4444 East Grant Road, 6028 North Oracle Road, 8295 North Cortaro Road, 225 East Valencia Road, 105 South Houghton Road with one store in Scottsdale.