New Street Markings for Bicyclists at Congress/4th Avenue/Toole

December 19, 2011

By Teya Vitu

Several new street markings will guide cars and bicycles through the Congress-4thAvenue-Toole intersection.

This new marking lets people know that bicyclists and motorists are sharing the same roadway at the Congress/4th Avenue/Toole intersection.

There are new bicycle markings with a pair of chevrons and green strips of paint along the curbs by the Centro Garage and emerging from the 4th Avenue Underpass.

These street marking came on December 9 while the underpass was closed to vehicle traffic for the 4th Avenue Street Fair.

“They remind motorists to expect bicyclists, and they help bicyclists with placement of where to ride,” said Tom Thivener, the City’s bike/pedestrian coordinator.

These are the new elements:

• Drivers coming through the 4th Avenue Underpass and onto Congress will find they must stop 19 feet before the intersection because they will find green pavement for bicyclists ahead of the white stop bar.

Vehicles must now stop 19 feet farther back, behind the green patch for bicyclists, when emerging from the 4th Avenue Underpass.

Vehicles may no longer make a right turn on a red light from 4th onto Toole Avenue.

• White bicycle figures with two chevrons are in front of the Rialto Theatre, Maynards Market and Kitchen and at the intersection.

These are shared lane markings to alert motorists and cyclists that both are sharing those stretches of roadway. Toole beyond The Historic Depot now has a designated bike lane that came with the Toole streetscape improvements.

“Toole is the first real bike lane Downtown,” Thivener said.

• A green bike line now runs along the Centro Garage and onto 4th Avenue to guide bicyclists around the future streetcar stop.

• A couple months back, Congress Street was restriped alongside the new Centro Garage. Now the right lane only feeds into 4th Avenue, and you need the center lane to continue onto Toole. The two left lanes go between the Rialto and Hotel Congress.