Public Task Force Will Help With Broadway Widening Project

January 17, 2012

The City of Tucson and Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) are accepting applications for a Citizen Task Force to help shape improvements to Broadway Boulevard, mainly adding traffic, transit and bicycle lanes.

To form the Task Force, applications have been mailed to about 8,500 residents in and around the Broadway project corridor, which extends from Euclid Avenue to Country Club Road.

Citizens who are interested in joining the Citizen Task Force should fill out and mail in the application they receive by February 3 or visit the project online here to download an application. Those who need assistance applying to the Citizen Task Force can call the project info line at (520) 622-0815.

The Citizen Task Force, whose formation was approved by the Mayor and Council, will be made up of 13 members. Five members will be appointed to represent special needs groups, bicycle and pedestrian groups, regional users and municipal committees and commissions.

The remaining eight task force slots will be filled by interested members of the public that represent neighborhoods and the business community.

The Task Force will work with the project team to analyze the alignment, evaluate roadway design, and provide input, review and approval of land use and urban design concepts. Citizen participation is crucial to develop a design that meets the needs of the community for years to come.

Improvements to Broadway Boulevard improvements were outlined in the late 1980’s, when the Broadway Corridor Transportation Study identified potential improvements between Euclid Avenue and Country Club Road. Since then, the City of Tucson has prepared for widening of the roadway.

The 2006 establishment of the RTA provided an opportunity to move forward, with a voter-approved sales tax providing the necessary funds to rework this highly traveled urban corridor. With support from the RTA and Pima County, the City of Tucson will widen this section of Broadway, adding travel, transit and bikes lanes, as well as new sidewalks and landscaping.

The Citizen Task Force is part of the effort to involve the public in the future roadway design. If you cannot be part of the Task Force and want to help shape the design of the Broadway corridor, a series of open house meetings will be promoted and held to give the public the chance to provide input.