Reilly Craft Pizza Looking to Open in Spring in Former Reilly Building

January 3, 2012

By Teya Vitu

From the outside, the former Reilly Funeral Home building across from Café Poca Cosa doesn’t look much different than it has for the past two decades.

Zach and Tyler Fenton inside the historic building that will become Reilly Craft Pizza & Drink some time in spring.

Inside however, Reilly Craft Pizza & Drink, 101 East Pennington Street, is starting to take shape.

The Fenton brothers, Tyler and Zach, spent the holiday season, that is, starting in mid-December, clearing the interior down to the bare floor and outer brick walls.

All interior walls that set several rooms apart are gone to give Tyler Fenton a clean slate to create his artisan pizza establishment that he envisions will match the upscale casual setting of HUB, Poca Cosa and DOWNTOWN Kitchen.

“We’re going for a more comfortable atmosphere, somewhere where you want to go and hang out,” said Tyler Fenton, owner/chef of Reilly Pizza. Zach is handling finances and their father, Steve Fenton, owns the building.

The Fentons already have a liquor license. They have submitted plans to the City and await a building permit. They hope to start building out the interior by mid-January.

The Reilly Funeral Home building has had a vacant downstairs for about 20 years.

The ambition is the have pizza coming out of the oven some time in spring.

“We are shooting for a very aggressive build-out,” Fenton said.

The main dining room will have the original vaulted ceiling and columns.

Tyler Fenton plans to mix traditional Italian pizza concepts with American takes on pizza, leaning toward the American side.

“I want to do a reinterpretation of what a pizzeria is,” he said. “We’re in America. So we don’t have to follow the rules exactly.”