June’s Corner Store Moves Next to Main Library

March 6, 2012

By Teya Vitu

Location, location, location sure does make a difference for June’s Corner Store, which opened at its new location January 18 at 143 North Stone Avenue, right next door to the Joel D. Valdez Main Library.

Owner June Hale simply moved her store three blocks north on Stone Avenue, but plenty of downtowners never knew June’s Corner Store was at 10 East Broadway since February 2009.

“People are saying ‘You’re back,’” Hale said.

Hale had not left Downtown. She originally opened her store in the Bank of America building in 2004 and was there for five years until moving to Broadway and Stone, which isolated her from much of Downtown’s foot traffic.

“There is more traffic here,” Hale said. “The library helps.”

June’s Corner Store carries a large selection of greeting cards, various sundries, inspirational gifts such as figurines, plus soft drinks and lottery tickets.

Hale and manager Kathy Demlow gave this incarnation of June’s Corner Store a much more boutique feel than the shop had on Broadway.

Walls are painted spicy tomato and confident yellow and pinpoint track lighting concentrates all the light on the merchandise.

“We worked very hard on the color scheme and lighting,” Hale said. “Even though this store is larger, it’s more intimate.”