Madden Media’s TucsonLikes Guides Businesses Through the Social Media World

March 22, 2012

By Teya Vitu

Madden Media is adding social media coaching to its stable of nationwide travel publications.

CEO Kevin Madden is finding that many Tucson small business owners don’t make the most of social media to advance their businesses.

“They say, ‘I know I need to be doing social media and all this digital stuff. What should I be doing?’” Madden said.

So Madden Media is launching a TucsonLikes social media arm, which is designed to help small business owners get more comfortable with Facebook and Twitter and other social media as business communication and marketing tools.

“Businesses can’t just say ‘I have a 2-for-1 sale.’ Facebook can’t just be an advertising medium,” Madden said.

TucsonLikes staff work with clients to make postings more engaging with social media audiences and, equally important, improve a business’s Web site search engine optimization.

“There’s nothing more important than being on the first page of a Google search,” Madden said. “Everything we have will enhance your search engine optimization (SEO).”

TucsonLikes provides an online dashboard where clients can monitor all their social media account on one screen.

“You can enter content that will post to your Web site, mobile, Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler,” Madden said. “On top of that, you can schedule your posts: on Thursday, the 21st, I want a tweet to go out at 6:15 p.m.”

TucsonLikes helps clients improve Web site designs to work better with the very limited real estate on smart phones and tablets.

“It’s imperative that your Web site is optimized for mobile,” Madden said. “Fifty percent of all cell phones are smart phones. It is the next great frontier.”

Creating TucsonLikes allowed Madden Media to add 10 employees to build its workforce to 88 people. Madden Media had 70 employees when Madden initiated the first substantial corporate relocation to Downtown in 2009 to the MacArthur Building, 345 East Toole Avenue.

“I don’t know of anybody else doing this,” Madden said. “We have created a whole new business we’re launching in Tucson. We have something that can be replicated all over the country.”