Moctoberfest Festivities Dish Out All Sorts of Fun at Mercado San Agustin

March 26, 2012

Moctoberfest is an April Fool’s carnival, beer festival and community arts fundraiser for Many Mouths One Stomach, the curators off the hugely revered All Souls Procession.

Moctoberfest will be staged from noon to midnight on March 31 at the Mercado San Agustín, 100 S. Avenida del Convento. Pre-sale tickets are $14 or $20 at the gate.

Moctoberfest will showcase local artisans in a street fair setting along with a number of local breweries to create a twisted replica of a traditional Oktoberfest, but with Spring-time themes, music, circus performance and workshops, vending of local- art, goods, and food.

Continuing with the MMOS mission of creating festival culture, Moctoberfest invites everyone down for a good time, to meet old & new friends, converge and share, collaborate and create, dance and play together in public space.

The idea for this carnival is to create a festival celebration for spring that will attract interest and participation in the Menlo Park neighborhood’s major developing area.

Moctoberfest will blend a “street-fair” environment with a Hogarten-type beer festival which will showcase our brewery-sponsors, provide a forum for vending of local art/clothes/music and a playground for attendees, and will utilize the Mercado for community networking.

The people in Tucson come from a broad range of interests, cultural experiences and generations, yet we live, work and play together. Moctoberfest is another playground to let loose, make fun of ourselves, and transform our tolerance into acceptance and to learn to be accepted, to be ourselves, to each create our own “flag” and wave it.

Organizers encourage locals to come dressed up – dress your best, dress like a fool – show how you do it when you do it when you don’t care who cares. There will be a “beach-side” photo studio for your pleasure and archives.

The cultural backgrounds in Tucson are as diverse as each of our hobbies, interests, and talents. Moctoberfest’s vision is to bring these groups together as a showcase of Tucson’s mix of creative celebration. More information on Moctoberfest is available here.