City Doing Aesthetic, Safety Upgrades at Ronstadt Transit Center

April 24, 2012

The City of Tucson began a five-month project to provide safety, security and aesthetic upgrades to the Downtown Ronstadt Transit Center (RTC). The work is scheduled to be complete in mid-September. All work will be contained on-site and will be conducted during normal business hours. The transit center will remain fully operational. The scope of work includes:

–Reconstruction of the east median island adjacent to the MLK building with new wall and decorative metal panels, installation of the original shade canopies for passenger seating, a new trash compactor and enclosure, a security gate and a crosswalk between the transit center and the MLK building, new lighting, and security cameras

–Removal of all broken pavers and replacement with new concrete sidewalk within the RTC site.

–Decorative metal see-through fencing within each arcade along Congress Street and Sixth Avenue. Bench seating will be on the outside facing the street.

–New energy-efficient LED light fixtures within the facility and within the arcade.

–New security cameras throughout the facility

–Repainting of the ramadas, restroom doors, signposts.

–New user-friendly signage throughout the facility

–New arched entry and sign for buses at Congress Street entrance