June 25, 2012

Beginning at midnight on Friday, June 29, 4,000 cubic yards of concrete will be poured to complete the foundation of the Pima County/City of Tucson Joint Courts Complex at North Stone and East Toole avenues.

The first pour – of 3,553 cubic yards – started on June 8 and took eight hours. Together, the pours will form the approximately one-acre (43,560 square feet) foundation, which will be 25 feet below grade and will support a steel-frame building with seven floors above grade.

The work must be done at night to take advantage of lower temperatures and to avoid traffic problems. At least 190 people will work on the second pour alone. The Pima County Board of Supervisors voted in December to move ahead with construction of the complex foundation and building shell to avoid up to $9 million in anticipated increases in the costs of materials and to address pressing court needs.

Pima County Justice Court is located in three facilities downtown that are too small for current and projected volumes of work and make public security difficult to assure. The Tucson Municipal Court Building on Alameda Street east of Stone Avenue was built as a parking garage about 40 years ago and was converted to court and office use in the early 1980s. Its space and design are inadequate. Co-locating the County and City courts in one building allows for shared spaces, functions and activities, and will reduce the public’s confusion about what building they need to go to for court matters.

Sundt Construction is building the foundation and shell. The County plans to ask voters in a future bond election to approve funds for completing the building.

To watch a video of the first pour, go to