Beowulf Alley Theatre is Temporarily Closed, Should be Open Again Sept. 6

August 23, 2012

By Michael Fenlason

Beowulf Alley Theatre managing director

Recently there have been some press reports about Beowulf closing, which we have done temporarily. I emphasize temporarily. I feel a little bit like Phillip Henslowe in Shakespeare’s time. Never quite sure when some plague will arise and I’ll have to move things around a bit. Here is what happened and a brief discussion about what will happen.

Our board of directors was informed by the fire marshal that our rehearsal room/box office wall was not up to TFD code and would have to be rebuilt ($30,000), a sprinkler system installed ($26,000) or torn down ($8,000). We went for the latter.

Unfortunately, TFD and the court proceedings involved instructed our board to close the theatre to public performances immediately after our Friday, Aug.  10 performance of Body in the Bath. On Friday, the 17th, our construction crew took the wall down and now we are waiting for the fire marshal to visit and okay our occupancy for public performance.

This can be a give-and-take process. We also have a lot of work to do to make the new wide open space more presentable. With that in mind, the following events have been truncated or postponed:

Body in the Bath will conclude its run this weekend at The Green Valley Community Performance & Art Center on Friday and Saturday at 7:00 PM. Tickets are available at our website and at the Green Valley’s CP&AC website.

The new performance schedule for Hedda Gabler and The Further Adventures of Hedda Gabler is below. The new opening weekend will start on Thursday, September 6th: Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 and Sundays at 2:30.

Thursday, September 6th – opening night for Hedda Gabler

Friday, September 7th – opening night Further Adventures

Saturday, September 8th – Hedda Gabler

Sunday, September 9th – Further Adventures

Thursday, September 13th – Further Adventures

Friday, September 14th – Hedda Gabler

Saturday, September 15th – Further Adventures

Sunday, September 16th – Hedda Gabler

The presentation of the film Dagger, the adaptation of William Shakespeare’s play Macbeth, has been postponed and may yet move to another venue.

All other productions, including Winding Roads’s Speech and Debate and Sacred Chicken’s Becky’s New Car will present exactly as announced.

The future of the wide open space may now include a performance/rehearsal; space and a more relaxing lobby.

Our mission this year has been to make Beowulf Alley a place that several companies could use and Tucson and all of Pima County could come to for good theatre and a good time. We will continue on that mission because we believe strongly that the theater community in Tucson needs a place to play, Tucson supports the arts generously and the arts support Tucson. We appreciate your patience. We’ll get cleaned up and have a housewarming party for our new-look place.