TPAC’s “You the Curator” Spotlights the Public’s Favorite Artists

December 3, 2012

Courtesy of artist Mary Theresa Dietz.

The Tucson Pima Arts Council (TPAC) is pleased to announce the recipient of its Open Studio Tour Directors Prize, as well as the four additional artists chosen by the public to participate in its “You the Curator” exhibition.

“You the Curator”
On Saturday, December 8th, TPAC will host an all-day exhibition of works by four artists who have been selected by this year’s Open Studio Tour visitors—through an online voting process—as the public’s favorites, namely, Mary Theresa Dietz (sculpture/painting), Jeanne Fellow (lighted paper sculpture), Georgette Rosberg (photography)  and Liz Vaughn (painting, drawing).

The works selected—by you the public—are sure to inspire delight. Dietz’s vibrant paintings and sculptures suggest animal characters from fables. Fellow’s lighted paper sculptures shimmer with opalescent hues.  Georgette Rosberg uses photography to capture the jewel-like wings of dragonflies and social lives of dogs. And Liz Vaughn’s colorful figures share moments of whimsical self-discovery.

Courtesy of artist Liz Vaughn.

“You the Curator,” hosted by TPAC in partnership with the Warehouse Arts Management Organization, will take place at the Steinfeld Warehouse, located at 101 N. 6th Street in Downtown Tucson. The doors will open at 11 AM. During the day, visitors can take in the exhibit and then wander across the street to the Toole Avenue Arts Bazaar or a few blocks beyond to the Fourth Avenue Winter Street Fair. In the evening, everyone is invited to attend a free reception for the artists from 6 to 8 PM.

TPAC “Open Studio Tour” Directors Prize
The Tucson Pima Arts Council is delighted to announce that Tucson artist Beata Wehr was recently selected to receive the TPAC Board of Directors Prize among nearly 200 artists participating in this year’s Open Studio Tour Preview Exhibition, hosted for the second year in a row by the Jewish Community Center Fine Art Gallery.

The Directors Prize recognizes the exhibition artist who is deemed to best demonstrate artistic excellence. This year, the eminent educator, printmaker and founder of The Drawing Studio, Andrew Rush, served as the award juror. In making his selection, Rush noted that he sought an artist whose work revealed a commitment to artistic discovery and a profound engagement with the fundamental ideas of art. The task he confessed was made all the more difficult by the presence of considerable talent, as well as an extraordinary range of different materials, styles and approaches.

Courtesy of artist Jeanne Fellow.

Wehr, who creates encaustic painting and mixed-media artist’s books, has had numerous exhibits in Tucson and beyond. Her work can be currently viewed at the U of A Poetry Center. Originally from Poland, she received a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Arizona in 1999 and has resided in Tucson for nearly 24 years.

TPAC Open Studio Tour Weekend
The 2012 Open Studio Tour took place over the weekend of Nov. 10 and 11. Abetted by good weather, TPAC estimates that around 6,800 visitors attended this year’s event, visiting studios throughout the Tucson metropolitan area and Pima County.

The Tour, now in its 25th year, has expanded from its origins in Downtown Tucson to embrace all of Tucson’s neighborhoods, as well as communities as far away as Sahuarita, Picture Rocks and Marana. Visitors were exposed to many different artistic styles, mediums and genres, as well as enjoyed meeting artists in their work environments. From historic adobe barrios and industrial warehouses to ranch barns and converted tool sheds, the studios themselves proved nearly (if not quite) as intriguing as the artwork within.

Many of the participating artists too enjoyed the experience of bringing artists into their studios. As one artist described the day, “I had a splendid turn out, sold some prints and cards, may have recruited a few adult students for my studio-based art classes. It was a really lovely weekend all the way around!”