Streetcar Special Construction Update 1/15/13

January 15, 2013


This is a special Construction Update for the City of Tucson Modern Streetcar Project. If you have any questions or concerns, call the info line at 624-5656 to speak to a team member about the project.


Downtown Traffic Conditions

The Sun Link Tucson Streetcar team is working closely with its contractor to make sure motorists traveling in the downtown area are able to reach their destinations safely and with as little delay as possible. We appreciate the public’s support and patience as we work to complete the rail installation along a difficult portion of the streetcar line.

As work continues, motorists traveling through the downtown area should be aware of changes in traffic control and should plan for additional travel time in order to reach their destinations. Officers will be at strategic intersections to help direct traffic during peak travel times.

Pedestrian access points may be shifted around work areas during this phase of construction. Watch for officers or construction personnel in these areas to help with pedestrian crossings.

For a map of current downtown traffic conditions please click here.

Pennington Street
To facilitate a more efficient traffic flow during peak travel times, the Sun Link Streetcar Team has put in place a temporary traffic flow change on Pennington Street; Pennington Street will be restricted to eastbound travel only between Scott and Sixth Avenue beginning at 4 p.m. today for the next two weeks. Two eastbound travel lanes will be available to motorists.

  • Motorists in the left lane will be directed to turn north (left) from Pennington Street onto Sixth Avenue.
  • Motorists in the right lane will be directed to turn south (right) from Pennington Street onto Sixth Avenue.
  • Access to the parking garages on Scott Avenue must use Congress Street.
  • Motorists exiting the parking garages on Scott Avenue will be directed to turn south (left) to Broadway.
  • Westbound turn movements from Sixth Avenue onto Pennington Street will not be permitted.

Broadway and Granada Avenue Intersection
On Friday, January 18, 2013, the contractor will transport welded rail to the work area along Congress Street between Scott and Church Avenues. The rail will be moved from an area near the Greyhound Station, north along Granada Avenue, and then east into the Congress Street work area. Several segments of rail will be transported. There will be short traffic delays when the rail is moved through the intersection of Broadway and Granada Avenue.

  • Hours of operation for the transport of rail will be from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday only.
  • Officers will be on site to direct traffic at the intersection of Broadway and Granada Avenue. Motorist should plan for delays.

Church Avenue
The intersection of Congress Street and Church Avenue is closed.

Stone Avenue
The intersection of Congress Street and Stone Avenue is closed.

Granada Avenue
Granada Avenue is open to one travel lane in each direction. Access to the Federal Court complex and the Tucson Convention Center will be maintained.

Cushing Street and westbound I-10 frontage road
Cushing Street is closed between Granada Avenue and the eastbound I-10 frontage road.

Congress Street
Congress Street is closed from just east of Stone Avenue to Granada Avenue.

There will be lane restrictions on Broadway from Granada Avenue to Fifth Avenue.

 The construction activity information in this update is subject to change at any time.