Science in the City Festival Puts the Spotlight on Tucson’s Great Advances in Science

February 14, 2013

Science for all ages will be the theme Downtown on Feb. 16 for the 2nd Annual Science in the City Festival.

Families get free admission to the Children’s Museum, 200 S. 6th Ave., for Family SCIFest. Tucson Electric Power, 88 E. Broadway, is hosting the Tech in Tucson Showcase, which will involve many prominent local scientists.science in city 1

These amazing industry professionals, engineers, educators, scientists, and even college students are engaged in the development of some of the greatest advancements in science and technology such as new space exploration missions; creating new energy sources; developing new food supplies to feed the hungry; inventing new fuel efficient cars; engineering tiny nano technologies used in electronics, medical devices, and even stain resistant clothing; designing video games or the next generation Internet; developing new technologies to protect the environment; and working to prevent and treat disease.

Family SCIfest at the Children’s Museum will run from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. this Saturday, Feb. 16.

Pre-K-to-12 children will see fascinating demonstrations and experience exciting hands-on science, technology, engineering, math (STEM) activities that will stimulate interest in science and math.

Families will discover some of Tucson’s many innovative K-12 STEM student projects and school and community programs.

The day will involve many Tucson schools, the University of Arizona, the Pima County Joint Technical Education District, the Mathematics Road Show, Southern Arizona Rocketry Association and many more.

The next block north of the Children’s Museum will have a Tech in Tucson Showcase from 1 to 4 p.m. at the TEP Headquarters. This event will also include a forum on Technology Innovation and Economic Development In Southern Arizona taking place from 2 to 3 p.m.

The Showcase at TEP will feature exhibitors representing industry, education and community organizations. They will showcase their research, technology innovations, or education programs and resources.

Adults, high school and college students will meet amazing Tucson scientists, educators, engineers, and other professionals from industry and the University of Arizona working at the at the cutting edge of science, technology and industry.

You will see some of the latest and greatest innovations in Optics, Information Technology, Biosciences, Aerospace and Defense, Electronics and Semiconductors, Environmental Technology/Alternative Energy, and more being developed in Tucson.

The Showcase and Forum is presented in conjunction with the statewide Arizona SCITECH festival and Tucson’s 2nd Annual Science In The City festival.
Meet incredible science and technology innovators working at the cutting edge of science and technology. See amazing technologies being developed by Tucson’s industries and the University of Arizona.

Learn about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education, what it is, and why it is important for our students and the economy.

Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild and Congressman Ron Barber will headline the Forum. They will be joined by tech industry and University Of Arizona executives and innovators to share with you how science, technology and innovation creates high paying jobs and drives economic development in southern Arizona.

Joining them will be Bob Breault, chair of the Arizona Optics Industry Association; Mike Sember, chair of the Bioindustry Organization Of Southern Arizona; Jayne Poynter, chairwoman and president of Space Development Corporation; David Allen, executive director of UA’s Tech Launch Arizona, University Of Arizona; and moderator Alex Rodriguez, director of the Southern Arizona Regional Office of the Arizona Technology Council.

Tucson Science In The City festival is a signature event promoted by the statewide Arizona SCITECH festival.

In February and March the 2nd annual statewide festival will showcase Arizona as a national leader in science, technology and innovation. The festival will feature hundreds of STEM events throughout the state including hands-on activities and workshops, conversations and debates, exhibitions, concerts, guided walks, and tours.

Spearheaded by the Arizona Technology Council Foundation, in partnership with Arizona State University and Arizona Science Center, the festival is a grassroots collaboration of over 200 organizations in industry, academia, arts, community, and K-12, geared to excite and inform Arizonans ages three to 103 about how science, technology and innovation will drive our state for the next 100 years.