Tap & Bottle Makes Difficult Decisions Appealing

May 31, 2013

Take draft brews home in the official Tap & Bottle growler.

Take draft brews home in the official Tap & Bottle growler.

by Bree Collins

This summer, Scott and Rebecca Safford are giving Tucsonans a novel way to enjoy wine and beer with Tap & Bottle. Opening mid-late June at 403 N. 6th Ave., this all-encompassing shop gives customers the choice to consume their purchases right there in the tasting room, or take them home.

Duck under stained-glass awning and step into a taproom where there is plenty of space to relax. Wooden floors, exposed brick walls and a drain-pipe lamp fitted with Edison bulbs create an “industrial vintage” look. The owners want the taproom to feel like any tasting room connected to a winery or brewery, where you can discover the stories behind the brews. Grab a seat at the wide main bar next to the taps, or on a stool at the bar-top near the window that overlooks 6th Ave. Rest your elbow at the south wall. Find intimacy at the small two-seaters, or sit at the large communal table if you brought your friends.

Quality is paramount here, and each of the 20 heavily-rotated taps will be carbonated and temperature-controlled to perfection. Each beer will be served in its proper glassware, meaning no shaker pint glasses allowed. Instead expect to down your refreshment from a snifter, goblet, or tulip glass. Delicacies like cask-conditioned beers will have a dedicated home here, as Tap & Bottle has reserved a refrigerator specifically for these brews, which require a slightly higher temperature than “normal” beer to allow fermentation inside the keg. This will be a chance for local breweries to have some fun making experimental one-off beers available exclusively at Tap & Bottle.

Tap & Bottle's sign is put into place.

Tap & Bottle’s sign is put into place.

And if you are just there to pick up and take something home, head straight to the back and explore local, national, and adventurous worldwide selections. Tap & Bottle is eager to bring in beers from Japan, Italy, and Denmark.

The options are endless. Wines, ciders and gluten-free beer will be available for devotees and celiacs alike. Beers on tap become travel-worthy when sealed in a Tap & Bottle growler. And the entire space is licensed, allowing patrons to shop and sample at the same time.

Tap & Bottle joins in the communal spirit inspired by neighbors such as Exo Roast Co. and Borderlands Brewing Company to provide events for interested hop-heads. You can follow along with craft beer trends and news, and celebrate seasonals and specialty beers as they are released. They will host local tap take-overs. Educators from the community will be invited to give lectures on their craft.

And draft beers will rotate like crazy – if you’re lucky enough to be hanging out when a keg empties, you may help decide which one gets tapped next. Just check the menu board to see the waiting line-up.