Get Ready for Rum & Latin Cuisine at Saint House

August 8, 2013

Workers put the final touch on the interior at Saint House.

Workers put the final touch on the interior at Saint House.

by Cyrus Kirkpatrick

Travis Reese and Nicole Flowers, a local restaurant duo, are finishing one more addition to their list of impressive Downtown venues with a soon-to-be opened, rum-inspired Caribbean style restaurant. Saint House Rum Bar, 256 E. Congress St, will be ready for dinner reservations beginning August 15th at 4:00pm.

The team is already well-known for their role in driving the Downtown revival with their popular places to wine and dine. In May 2010, they opened 47 Scott, which has been praised by the New York Times and Los Angeles Times – just a few of many accolades. That success was followed by Scott & Co., a specialty cocktail bar with the cozy feel of a 1920’s speakeasy, that appeared on the scene as a compliment to the dining options at 47 Scott. The Saint House Rum bar is their third creative venture that will be fashioned in the style of the coastal Americas.

“We had thought that downtown needed a little bit of diversity with the cuisine, so we started researching what might be fun,” explains Reese as he helps to oversee the last minute renovation of 256 E. Congress the week before his grand opening. “We are known for our cocktail program at 47 Scott and Scott & Co., and we thought that rum is something that people haven’t done much with. So, we started looking at the cuisine that comes with that, in particular Cuban food.”


Nicole Flowers and Travis Reese sit at 47 Scott.

Reese, originally from Austin, Texas, moved to Tucson 6 years ago, where he landed a job as the general manager of The B-Line. During this time he formed a partnership with co-worker Flowers, who is originally from Boston, Massachusetts, and a former manager at 58 Degrees & Holding.

Flowers and Reese explain that their vision is for the venue to become an anchor in Downtown, and for it to help achieve their goal of a dynamic Downtown lifestyle, complete with a wide array of dining options and upscale late-night fare. “We are both huge fans of urban spaces and want to see Downtown thrive,” Flowers says.

“There are always concepts in our heads that are in the works,” Reese explains. “It took us three years to even start to do our second restaurant, as we are big believers in doing something right and making a strong effort at it.”

The team attributes their success and their ability to manage multiple busy venues to their dedicated staff. “We have really good employees that help us to manage all of our projects,” Reese says. “We also benefit from there being two of us. We have pretty defined roles, Nicole and I, so we don’t overlap too much and can handle different parts of the business.”

Stepping into Saint House, you can expect a lot of Latin and coastal flavor, from jerk chicken to ceviche. The team says that they are trying to pull a lot of different Latin flavors together and create something new and exciting for everyone.

And as for their cocktails, they plan to incorporate their tradition of memorable drinks, a specialty that was first introduced at Scott & Co. “We are strongly featuring the Daiquiri, which is a very simple drink, but some call it the perfect cocktail,” explains Reese. Judging from the experience at 47 Scott and Scott & Co., there is little doubt about their ability to craft a perfect dining experience.

For more information and to get a peek inside the final touches on the restaurant, check out their Facebook page.