Tucson’s First – and Only – Trampoline Park Now Open in Downtown

August 29, 2013

by Bree Collins

The foam pits at Get Air.

The foam pits at Get Air.

Get Air Tucson is 11,000 square feet of fun. Friendly staff, neon colors, and energetic music encourage you to get active. It’s a magical world of bouncing where even the floor is springy and the staff rushes to clean up at the end of the night so they can get their bounce on.

A huge expanse of open lanes cover half of the trampoline area, some of which curve up the wall to provide plenty of ways to jump. Get Air offers group activities like dodge ball and basketball, which have their own netted-off courts. Foam pits full of large, foam blocks are just begging for you to flip into them. No diving allowed, though. The slack line – a springy rope made for balancing and doing tricks – is tethered over its own foam pit.

A separate area called Lil’ Air is reserved for kids under 46 inches. “When there are a bunch of high school or college kids, the little kids have somewhere safe to go,” says manager Alicia Durfee.

Get Air encourages fun at every turn. Televisions on the walls show jump tricks and flips in case you need some inspiration, and occasionally remind you of the rules. Wondering where to host your next birthday party? Get Air can help you out. Keep an eye out for future events like an adults-only jump night.

The Li'l Air area is a safe place for kids under 46 inches.

The Li’l Air area is a safe place for kids under 46 inches.

The jump rate is $11/hour with each additional hour only $6. Kids under 46 inches jump for $6/hour. Before you jump, you must first sign a waver. This waiver excuses Get Air from any injury you experience in their establishment, and is a good reminder to know your limits and stick to them. Tell the staff how long you want to stay, and they will fit you with a colored wrist band. When your color is called over the loudspeaker, your time is up.

Get Air is the first trampoline park in Tucson, and while there are Get Air establishments around the country, each one is privately owned.

Get Air Tucson is located at 330 S. Toole Ave. Go over the rules, sign an online waiver, and find out more here or call 624-5867.