Explore Toole Avenue at the TAART Walk

September 26, 2013

by Bree Collins

Sinfonia Healthcare is in the former Z's Warehouse at 1 E. Toole.

The Sinfonia Building at 1 E. Toole.

The Toole Avenue Art (TAART) Walk, hosted by the Warehouse Arts Management Organization (WAMO), is a self-guided tour through the studios and businesses of East Toole Avenue. On October 5th, from 5pm-10pm, get to know the people behind Toole Avenue and enjoy the – finally – cooling weather. Visit the businesses, check out what artists are doing, and have some fun. The event is free and open to everyone.

Experience special art installations at the TAART Walk, like Inflated Ego Gallery by Simon Donovan and U of A student artists. Check out the unique murals lining Toole Avenue. Enjoy beer by Borderlands Brewing Company and food from several different local food trucks. Maker House will be hosting fire performances and lighting effects will be done by the same man who does lighting for Second Saturdays.

This is a chance for artists to open up their studios and show their work to the public. Marvin Shaver, former President of WAMO, would like to hold this event multiple times a year, as there are many great projects and events happening on Toole Avenue and so few Tucsonans are aware of them. It isn’t only about selling art, it’s about building a culture.

The TAART Walk is partly to celebrate artists and businesses in the Historic Warehouse Arts District, and partly to educate the public about WAMO. Several people have heard about WAMO’s good work, but haven’t heard about the organization itself. And in order for WAMO to continue to be successful, they need to raise awareness about their cause.

The cadmium red 174 E. Toole that Fenton acquired in July.

Visit the art studios along Toole Ave.

WAMO works to ensure that artists have affordable housing and studio space in the Historic Warehouse Arts District. The City has designated Toole Avenue as part of the Historic Warehouse Arts District, which means that the City has decided to recognize the District and its mission. Incoming businesses and artists are aware of the designation, and ensure that their plans coincide with the mission as well.

The TAART Walk is the first big event WAMO has ever done. Its success is greatly due to Mia Hansen, the woman who made Tucson Meet Yourself successful, as she has been helping WAMO with the process. “This would not be possible without her,” says Shaver.

The event is possible with help from a grant from the Tucson Pima Arts Council, which will be present at the TAART Walk to launch their newest project called Marking the Sites. The project uses signage and QR code technology to increase visibility and raise awareness of WAMO.

If you want to get involved, the TAART Walk is looking for volunteers for the evening. They need people to hand out maps of the area, help with set-up and take-down (there will be a skateboard demonstration!) and direct people to various locations.

For a full list of venues and events, or to volunteer, visit the TAART Walk website.