New Year’s Eve at Hotel Congress Takes a Bite Out of the Big Apple For 2014

December 23, 2013

If you can 'make it' here, well...you should probably get a room. Thankfully they have those upstairs.

If you can ‘make it’ here, well…you should probably get a room. Thankfully they have those upstairs.

New Year’s Eve is a strange and emotionally-charged holiday. Part awesome excuse to party for the young-at-heart, part moment to ponder all that has happened in one’s life during the previous year, it is certainly a creature of tradition. Most Americans have long associated the holiday with the televised celebration on ABC, hosted by Dick Clark for decades, showing the famous ball-drop in Times Square as hundreds of thousands of shivering revelers huddled behind blue barricades hug and kiss at the stroke of midnight amid a swirling storm of flying confetti, swaying along with Auld Lang Syne. The irony here is that it’s an event that just about always seems far more fantastic than whatever you’re doing, especially if you’re at some kind of underwhelming house party at which said telecast is being shown.

Many adventurous Tucsonans, looking to blow right past that sad chasm of empty onion-dip containers and tape-delayed broadcasts, have come to eagerly anticipate what Hotel Congress has in store for New Year’s Eve. The historic hotel and nightclub’s themed celebrations have become a venerable tradition for people in Tucson looking to party with style and intensity. Last year, the Hotel featured a Studio 54-themed New Year’s event, which got David Slutes, Entertainment Director for Hotel Congress, and the rest of the staff thinking. “We built this enormous disco ball, which is literally the largest disco ball in North America,” said Slutes. “And it was such a cool thing, we thought, ‘Well, we can’t NOT use that again…you know what, what if we really go for it and turn Congress into Times Square.’ So this year, that became our goal, to embrace the entire New York thing.”

Hence, this is the year of the Big Apple, culminating in the event known as NYC/NYE at Hotel Congress. The aforementioned largest disco ball in North America will be dropping at midnight, Times Square-style. The Club Congress stage will be transformed into the legendary music scene from the CBGB Rock Club. There will be a NYC hot dog truck, the Rockettes, and one development Slutes is particularly excited about, the World’s Best Talking Heads Cover Band. “We’re bringing them in from California,” explained Slutes, “…and they are absolutely amazing!”

Tickets to NYC/NYE at Hotel Congress are $25 for General Admission, which includes access to all the above elements of the celebration, along with party favors. There is also a $125 VIP Admission, which includes everything above, along with entry to the “Harlem Jazz Club” Private Lounge, and the VIP Buffet, with ostentatious delights such as oysters on the half shell, shrimp cocktail, canapés, and a whole smoked and slow-roasted pig. Is there a better way to ring in the New Year in Tucson? Fugghedaboutit.

Grab those tickets while you can (this event usually SELLS OUT!) here.