Hi-Fi Brings HD Screens, Adult Milkshakes, and Big Sounds Downtown

April 24, 2014

The dizzyingly new intersection of 4th and Congress, changing as fast as you're reading this, is the home of Hi-Fi Tucson.

The reinvented intersection of 4th Avenue and Congress, changing as fast as you’re reading this, is the home of Hi-Fi Tucson.

by James J. Jefferies

It takes all kinds of places to make a thriving area complete. Downtown Tucson is nothing if not wildly varied. From the absolute rock that weathered our most difficult times, namely the Hotel Congress, to new and terrific locations such as The Coronet and 5 Points Market, there’s definitely something for everyone.

With new growth, there are also opportunities to bring new concepts to life. Downtown has a student populace now, a demographic that barely registered in the area before the last decade, save for the random junior marketing major at the UA who was feeling brave that week and wanted to come down to try fighting a parking ticket.

The Cadence student housing development is an anchor at 4th and Congress, right next to what some would call the epicenter of our urban renewal. That’s a whole lot of students, looking for something to do. Enter: Hi-Fi Tucson, directly across the street beneath the Centro Garage at 345 E. Congress.

A glance at their website photos makes the point crystal clear, this is generally a place for college-aged peeps to grab a burger and an ‘adult milkshake’, or shake their booties to deafeningly loud electronic dance music (EDM, the kids call it) or lots of other things that some of our more senior residents wouldn’t especially cotton to. (More likely if they actually use the phrase ‘cotton to’.) It’s more of a sports-going grub n’ pub by day, club by night.

Hi-Fi Tucson occupies a portion of the lower level of the Centro Garage at 345 E. Congress.

Hi-Fi Tucson occupies a portion of the lower level of the Centro Garage at 345 E. Congress.

With a name like ‘Hi-Fi’, of course, sound and electricity is the major motif. The decor is a mish-mash of worship to 1980s imagery, with faux neon graffiti and other imagery projected via a 45-foot video wall, and throwback black and white TVs, along with a wall of wooden speakers now considered to be borderline sacred artifacts among audiophiles.

The place also boasts more than 35 massive HD screens, so it should prove to be a robust alternative for University of Arizona game-day viewing as well. The menu very much speaks to this, with a plethora of sliders, wings, chicken strips, tacos, etc. Entrees include sandwiches, big salads, and an array of burgers. Brunch is also served early on weekends.

After 9pm, a dress code goes into effect, no baggy pants, ballcaps, T-shirts, sneakers, or flip-flops. Their grand opening is Thursday at 8pm, with regular hours being 11am-2am Mon-Fri, and 10am-2am on weekends. For more, check out Hi-Fi Tucson’s presence on Facebook here.