Your Guide To Downtown Kids’ Camps, Summer 2014 Edition

June 3, 2014


Access Tucson will give kids their first taste of television production in a fully-operational studio environment!

by James J. Jefferies

Yes, that awe-inspiring, radiator-retiring season is upon us. Triple-digit temperatures have arrived, the children are runnin’ wild, and your seat belt buckle, flush with the heat of an unrelenting sun, stands ready to incinerate your fingertips. But all is far from lost, as your friends at the Downtown Tucson Partnership have compiled a list of excellent summer programming aimed at a variety of age groups to keep the kids educated and entertained while school’s out!

Access Tucson Community Media: Access Tucson has morning camps for ages 9-up, from 9am-12pm, designed to introduce them to the world of television production by having them write, work in teams, and explore creation with sound and images! Access Tucson is at 124 E. Broadway Blvd, and for more information, check out their homepage here. (520) 275-0864

Arizona Theatre Company: ATC has a training programs for ages 14-18, Summer on Stage, & Summer Backstage, led by ATC staff and other professional artists which will culminate in their own performances! Arizona Theatre Company is at 343 S. Scott Ave, and you can check out their homepage here. (520) 884-8210

camp kind photo

Jeannette Mare leads kids through a cooperative exercise, teaching them about the importance of practicing kindness.

Ben’s Bells: Ben’s Bells is hosting weekly morning camps from 9am-12pm, for ages 5-10. Art activities, lessons on kindness, and collaborative play will teach campers how to incorporate the practice of kindness in their daily lives! Ben’s Bells is at 40 W. Broadway, and can be found on the web here. (520) 622-1379

Children’s Museum Tucson: Offering a weekly morning camp from 9am-12pm, for ages 4-9, which is focused on discovery of culture and art from around the world, along with activities designed to ignite their imaginations through drawing, painting, sculpting, and more! Children’s Museum Tucson is located at 200 S. 6th Ave, and their homepage is here. (520) 792-9985

The Drawing Studio: TDS is offering classes that allow students ages 9-18 exposure to a variety of mediums with regular studio practice, which will heighten their ability to render their own ideas. The Drawing Studio is located at 33 S. 6th Ave, and for more information, check them out here. (520) 304-8869


El Grupo believes we can forge smarter, stronger, more independent children if they learn to safely explore the world from the seat of a bicycle at an early age!

El Grupo: El Grupo’s mission of empowering youth through cycling extends to their weekly morning camps from 8am-12:30pm, for ages 7-14, designed to bolster your child’s confidence, riding skills, and safety knowledge in a safe and fun peer-led environment. El Grupo is at 600 N. 9th Ave, and is found on the web here.

KXCI: Tucson’s treasured community radio station offers music lovers from age 13-17 their chance to experience the workings of a real radio station, and they’ll graduate with their own broadcast! KXCI 91.3 Community Radio is located at 220 S. 4th Ave, and for more information, please email for further details. (520) 623-1000

Maker House: Maker House offers day camps for ages 7-15, with focuses on different activities weekly, and we’ve explored this camp in depth previously here. Maker House is at 283 N. Stone, and can be found on the web here.


Hangin’ out at Playformance!

Maracana Indoor Sports: Maracana Indoor Sports is hosting weekly soccer camps for kids of all ages all summer long! They’re at 555 E. 18th St, and can be found on the web here. (520) 235-7094

Playformance: Playformance offers active camps for ages 6-14 featuring a wide array of activities such as art, drama, swimming, basketball, martial arts, dance, and parkour, all indoors! They’re at 119 E. Toole Ave, and you can check them out on the web here. (520) 271-1445

Rocks and Ropes: Hosting climbing camps for ages 5-15, from 8am-12pm, it will be a confidence building, friendship-making, thoroughly exciting week! Rocks and Ropes is located at 330 S. Toole Ave, and can be found here. (520) 882-5924

Tucson Circus Arts: Kids ages 7-18 can embrace their inner performer through drumming, dancing, flying acrobatics, balancing, tumbling, and spinning! There are morning and afternoon camps from 9am-4pm. Tucson Circus Arts is located at 1013 S. Tyndall, and can be found on the internet here. (520) 312-1448

Tucson Museum of Art: Weekly morning and afternoon camps (8am-5pm) for children aged 5-13 are led by museum educators and local teaching artists, with an emphasis on drawing, painting, sculpting, collage, print, and more! Tucson Museum of Art is at 140 N. Main Ave, and is on the web here. (520) 388-4721

YMCA of Tucson: Weekly morning and afternoon camps run from 7am-6pm, offering parents a great deal of flexibility. A very wide spate of activities awaits children aged 5-15. The Lohse Family YMCA is located at 60 W. Alameda Ave, and for more info, check out the Tucson YMCA website here. (520) 623-5200

For more information or to download a printable guide to all of Downtown’s summer camps, please click here.