Cut Color Polish Spruces up Hair, Nails, and Beyond

August 28, 2014

The crisp, white walls and decor give the salon a chic and modern feel.

The crisp, white walls and decor give the salon a chic and modern feel.

by Allie Leach

A good haircut is hard to find. Lord knows I have had my fair share of uneven, unexpected, and downright ugly haircuts. That’s why it’s always refreshing to find that rare stylist who not only knows how to cut my hair, but also gets my hair. My hair: a thick, curly, frizzy mane. Jacki Alvarado–my hair stylist at Cut Color Polish, the recently opened salon on Congress Street–got my hair. Jacki, like all of the wonderful six employees at the salon, was attentive to my long-winded description of how I wanted my hair cut. She was also patient and provided great insight into the best length for my layers, the best brush for my blow drying.

Was this some salon-version of heaven, I thought?

After an amazing haircut–a longish bob which looked exactly how I wanted it–Jacki blowed dried my hair and also offered to curl it. She showed me the right way to make relaxed, beachy-looking waves: twirl a large swatch of your hair on the curling iron, and then quickly drop the piece, leaving it lightly curly. I left the salon feeling gorgeous, feeling confident–sentiments that I don’t often feel when it comes to my hair.

Upon closer examination, you'll discover that the white, leather high chairs and table double as a "nail bar."

Upon closer examination, you’ll discover that the white, leather high chairs and table double as a “nail bar.”

When I returned to the salon a week-or-so later, I found the owner of the salon, Maricella Valdez busy at work. Like an expert multi-tasker, she filed the hot pink polish off a patron’s finger nails, while chatting about the founding of the new Downtown salon, Cut Color Polish. Sitting from the nail bar, high a top white, leather stools, patrons can see passengers jump off and on the new Sun Link streetcar.

“We have the perfect view for people watching,” Valdez said. Coincidentally, Cut Color Polish opened just in time for the streetcar unveiling on July 25th. And since then, thanks to its stellar location on Congress and proximity to student housing, the salon has already seen a steady stream of clientele. Valdez predicts that business will only grow from here. “There’s student housing above and across from us, and we’ve already had lots of U of A students coming in,” Valdez said.

Even though she’s quite young, Valdez has already had quite the career. Prior to opening Cut Color Polish, she worked at two different salons for three and half years. She said that it was through her past experience at these salons that taught her how to manage her own. “I’ve worked with some phenomenal business owners over the years,” Valdez said. “And I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t work.” It’s this kind of hands-on experience that Valdez so admires in her own six employees. “All of them have prior experience and training,” Valdez said. “They are an amazing staff and are so good at what they do.”

See these shelves of hair products? They're actually good for you and the environment: BPA free, recyclable, and you can even use them as Tupperware afterwards.

See these shelves of hair products? They’re actually good for you and the environment: BPA free, recyclable, and you can even use them as Tupperware afterwards.

From haircuts to highlights, and from manicures to massages, Cut Color Polish offers a wide-variety of hair, nail, and luxury services. They also offer a unique, customized service called a “Bar Tab,” in which patrons can check off which specific service they would like to experience that day. For example, one patron might choose a simple manicure, while another might indulge in some fancy nail art, adorning her nails with colorful chevrons, polka dots, and stripes. In addition to hair and nail services, the salon also offers a full range of waxing services, as well as eyelash extensions.

Cut Color Polish sets itself apart from the rest with environmentally friendly products and services. In the tradition of a Davines salon, established in Parma, Italy, all of the salon’s containers are BPA free, made of recycled products.

Other perks include a sleek and minimal decor, with a great attention to detail. The vibe inside is clean–white walls, white circular tubs, white leather chairs, and tailored gray couches. The light fixtures are white and geometrically shaped, and a white and crystal chandelier hangs from above. “Everything was designed to feel clean and modern,” said Valdez. She also had in mind the architecture and decor of other nearby restaurants, bars, and stores when she designed her salon. “The feel of the salon is in line with that urban, chic look that you see in places like Playground and the Hub,” said Valdez.

In this author’s mind, Cut Color Polish makes the cut; it’s a great fit for Downtown Tucson. Cut Color Polish is located at 345 E. Congress Street. Their hours of operation are Tuesday-Friday from 10 a.m. – 7 p.m., and Saturday-Sunday from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Find them on Instragram and Facebook @cutcolorpolish.

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