The Screening Room: Make It A Movie Night Downtown!

December 4, 2014

The Screening Room now offers big hit titles!

The Screening Room now offers big hit titles!

by Liz Felix

With Netflix and other video on demand services making it so easy to stay in your PJs and watch that new Denzel Washington flick in your living room, it’s easy to come to the conclusion that the movie-going experience is close to dead.

But if you’re like me, you know there’s just no replacing that good ol’ feeling of sitting with other movie lovers, munching on some buttery popcorn and sipping on a cold Cherry Coke while losing yourself in a great visual story. And if you’re Downtown, you won’t have to travel that far to get your movie fix.

Nestled right in between two eateries on Congress Street, The Screening Room has been around the Downtown Tucson film scene for quite a while, exhibiting a variety of independent films and serving as host to the Arizona International Film Festival. Earlier this year, The Screening Room partnered with the locally owned discount theater chain, Grand Cinemas, to bring back that classic movie-going experience by giving Downtown Tucson the best of both worlds, offering big hit titles like Guardians of the Galaxy while still making room for smaller independent films like Bella Vita, a documentary that will be playing this Friday, December 5th.

Bigger and better concession stand

Bigger and better concession stand

If the film selection isn’t quite enough to get you out of your pajamas, then maybe the upgrades will convince you. The partnership with Grand Cinemas came with a face lift plan for The Screening Room. An incredible sound system, a HD digital cinema projector and new comfy seats make watching action/adventure flicks like Guardians of the Galaxy way more satisfying than another night on the couch.

Accompanying the screen upgrades, their concession stand saw a bit of an expansion too. The Screening Room still sells the classic movie treats like candy, popcorn and nachos but they stepped it up a notch and now offer handcrafted Italian sodas and to treat the big kids, they now serve beer and wine, something you definitely can’t get at the big theater chains.

Seating up to 120 people, The Screening Room has a more intimate feel than that of a larger theatre chain like Harkins. You get the sense that you’re a part of a community and that your money will go directly to a locally owned business rather than end up in the pockets of big studios. So if you’re looking to support a local business this month while treating yourself to a couple of hours of great movie entertainment, I’d suggest taking a break at The Screening Room.

Coming soon to The Screening Room

Coming soon to The Screening Room

Now Playing:

Odyssey Storytelling – December 4th, 7pm

Guardians of the Galaxy – December 5th-11th

Bella Vita – December 5th, 7pm

I due Foscari – December 7th, 2pm

Christmas Magic – December 13th

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