Meet the New Kid on the Art Block: Moen Mason Gallery

January 16, 2015

Located in Tucson's Warehouse Arts District

Located in Tucson’s Warehouse Arts District

by Liz Felix

The Moen Mason Gallery, which opened early November of last year, exhibits mainstream contemporary art from local sculptors to internationally famed artists like Jonathan Hobin, whose controversial photo base work has been talked about on CNN and other media outlets. Although the gallery exhibits works from local artists, the majority of the artists that are showcased have nationally established collector bases, so you might even recognize some of the pieces on display.

The gallery exhibits the various forms of mainstream contemporary art, featuring photo based, collage, and street based art like that of Joe Iurato and Axel Void, who was named one of the 10 Best U.S. Street Artists of 2014 by Société Perrier.

Artwork by Nick Flatt

Artwork by Nick Flatt

What’s different about Moen Mason? “The utilization of unlabeled walls, suspension systems, upbeat music, sponsored exhibitions, and large installations are characteristics you might expect to find in a Los Angeles gallery,” said owners Mitch Moen and Mason Tye.

After extensive research and spurred on by a Tucson Weekly article about the loss of some of Downtown Tucson’s art galleries, Moen and Tye recognized the absence of mainstream contemporary art in the region and saw an opportunity to combat those losses while exhibiting modern artists who defy traditional standards and push forward new trends.

“Tucson itself offers a vibrant arts community and our gallery hopes to compliment that by filling that particular niche,” said Tye and Moen.

The Moen Mason Gallery will be participating in the Tucson Sculpture Festival at the end of this month. Their submission will feature new work from UA graduate and Metal Arts Village resident, Joe Brown.

“If you have met Joe Brown, you know what a passionate person and artist he is, and we are really excited to see that vibrance rendered in his new body of work,” said Tye and Moen.

Death Maus (left) and Walt Sculpts Mickey (right)

Death Maus (left) and Walt Sculpts Mickey (right)

The gallery is also expanding their current exhibition of Los Angeles-based artist, Johnie Thornton. The contemporary artist will have a solo exhibition and large scale installation on February 14, 2015.

The gallery is all about keeping things fun and approachable. Not an art expert? That’s fine. The staff will walk you through each piece and give you some insight on the artist and the work to help you find that piece that’ll tell people what you’re all about.

Moen Mason Gallery is located at 222 E. 6th St. For more information on the Moen Mason Gallery, check out their website at and like them on Facebook to stay up-to-date with their quarterly exhibitions.