Bike Share System Coming to Downtown, Streetcar Line

April 14, 2015


Bike share station at a Sun Link Streetcar stop at the Mercado.

The City of Tucson is one step closer to launching a public bicycle share program. This week, the Tucson Department of Transportation (TDOT) is releasing a preliminary planning document that contains maps of when and where the first phases will be implemented. The information is derived from months of analysis and public engagement as part of a Public Bicycle Share Feasibility Study and Implementation Plan. TDOT contracted with Toole Design Group, a national bicycle and pedestrian planning firm with extensive bike share experience to help plan Tucson’s system. There is a local Technical Advisory Committee that oversees the project.

The proposed station locations for Phases 1 and 2 are primarily around Downtown and the University of Arizona. However, there are station locations proposed for up to two miles from the Sun Link Streetcar line; bike share will complement the investment in the streetcar.

The phasing plan consists of six areas. Phase 3 is intended to build upon phases 1 and 2. There are three other areas suggested for a future phase: one connecting the Rillito River path, one expanding to the south and southeast of Tucson, and one on the east side of Tucson.


Phases one and two.

Bike share is an innovative public transportation system in which subscribers have access to a network of bicycles through automated, self-service kiosks located throughout the community. The system is accessed through low-cost subscriptions ranging from one-day access to annual membership. There are over 40 cities in the U.S. that have operating bike share systems. The City of Phoenix launched the first system in Arizona in late 2013.

The next phase of the Bicycle Share Feasibility Study and Implementation Plan will focus on the business aspects of a bike share system. A business plan is scheduled to be released this summer.

For additional information visit the City of Tucson’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Program Bicycle Share site.