Meet the Bloody Marys of Downtown Tucson

April 28, 2015

Nothing says brunch like a Bloody Mary!

Nothing says brunch like a 47 Scott Bloody Mary!

by Liz Felix

Brunch season is here and that means it’s time for the Bloody Mary to shine! If you’ve been craving the tomato-y brunch staple, make sure to visit these five Downtown Tucson locations to get your Bloody Mary fix. There’s a Bloody Mary for everyone!

47 Scott – The One with Cool

You get a cool, urban feel when you sit at the brick patio outside of 47 Scott, and you feel even cooler when you finally get to soothe that hangover with their refreshing and great tasting Bloody Mary. Hand-crafted cocktails are 47 Scott’s thing and you can taste that love when you’re sipping on one of their classic Bloody Marys. Made with a house mix that includes zesty pickle juice, worcestershire and horseradish, the 47 Scott Bloody will definitely cure what ails you. Their Bloody Mary comes with your choice of green chile vodka, pepper-infused gin, or a bacon-washed rye. I should warn you that this Bloody comes paired with a great atmosphere and if mixed with great company, you may feel the compulsion to order five of these, puppies. Go ahead, it’s brunch season!

Where: 47 N. Scott Avenue

Playground – The One with Mariachi

Sometimes you just want a little music and spirit with your–well, spirit. If you’re in the mood for some live music on a Sunday, then head over to Playground and nab a seat up top. Playground’s Bloody Maria goes great with music from Mariachi Luz de Luna and at just $6 a Bloody, you’ve got yourself a deal. Along with the classic ingredients, the Bloody Maria at Playground has a little bit of sriracha, lime juice, bitters and tequila, a combination that makes for a nice tomato-y treat to enjoy while basking in Tucson’s beautiful weather.

Look at all of those veggies! Mom would be proud.

Look at all of those veggies! Mom would be proud of this Congress bloody.

Where: 278 E. Congress

Hotel Congress – The One with All the Goodies

Want to know where all the Bloodys hangout? The Marys, the Marias, the Caesars and Red Snappers? Hotel Congress. It’s all about having it your way at Hotel Congress’ Bloody Mary Bar. Grab a pencil and a morning bar menu and get to work. Start with your spirit base (vodka, tequila, gin) and have fun mixing up to four goodies from over ten options. Roasted garlic, avocado, goat cheese and artichokes are just some of the goodies you can add to your Bloody. With all of these extras, you’re not only having a drink but a meal too!

Where: 311 E. Congress St.

Penca – The One with the Special Kick

Penca’s Bloody Mary is a little different, a little spicier and a whole lotta good. Penca’s Maria Roja is served with either vodka or mezcal and unlike other Bloody Marys, this one does without the tomato juice and instead blends fresh fire-roasted tomatoes along with whole garlic, worcestershire, red wine vinegar and lime juice. The Maria Roja has a hearty tomato base but don’t let that fool you, the mezcal is still there ready to give you that kick you need.

Yes, Penca's bloody is just as refreshing as it looks.

Yes, Penca’s bloody is just as refreshing as it looks.

Where: 50 E. Broadway Blvd.

Elliott’s on Congress – The One That’s Easy on the Wallet

Holy-flavored vodkas, Batman! Elliott’s on Congress doesn’t mess around when it comes to flavor and deals. Every Saturday and Sunday, during their brunch hours, you can keep your day drinking wallet-friendly with their $3 Bloody Marys. Yeah, you’re reading that right. Only three dollars for a Bloody Mary! And if that didn’t catch your attention, you can add up to three house-infused vodka flavors to your Bloody. Bacon? Habanero? Blueberry? Sure, why not. Give it a shot and find your perfect Bloody Mary vodka combo.

Where: 135 E. Congress