Economic Development Program Helps Build & Shape Downtown With You in Mind

May 26, 2015

William Greenway, Economic Development Manager, at your service!

William Greenway, Economic Development Manager, at your service!

By Cristina Manos

The team at the Downtown Tucson Partnership works day and night to promote Downtown’s economic development, as well as keeping Downtown safe and clean. In addition to services provided by the Partnership such as promotion, advocacy, maintenance and security, the nonprofit offers a free economic development package containing anything and everything a business owner or real estate developer would ever want to know.

The economic development program supports small businesses, future housing, retail, commercial, and hospitality concepts. Members of the Partnership give personal tours as well as real estate tours, and will begin to survey pedestrians as well as the housing market to collect up-to-date data about the state of Downtown Tucson.

There’s no application process. Just stop by the Downtown Tucson Partnership at 100 N Stone Ave, Suite 100, and visit Will Greenway, email him at, or call him at 520-268-9034. And get started.

Developers and future Downtown business owners will receive a 4 GB “developer flash drive” fully loaded with every report on Downtown economic development and real estate development. This gives the lay of the land, right down to the minute details. The flash drive is tiny but mighty, it stores a huge amount of data, which can no doubt be overwhelming in a world with so much data and so little time.

One East Broadway is one of the newest housing developments in Downtown.

One East Broadway is one of the newest housing developments in Downtown.

This is where personal service from CEO Michael Keith and Economic Development Manager Will Greenway will knock your socks off. They will provide you with a consulting package after assessing your needs and goals. They will take you on a tour through Downtown and show you where competition exists and suggest customized placement of your business. These guys know everything about the competition, and their goal is to help you and your competition thrive.

Michael and Will will tell you about federal, state and local incentives that apply to your situation. They provide a walking tour so that you can identify possible locations for your business or project, and you learn about the history of Downtown and of the surrounding businesses. They will give you a directory of contacts to point you in the right direction, such as to the Office of Economic Initiatives where businesses are reviewed and recommended to the City Council and Mayor.

The guys at the Partnership will conduct a follow up meeting to give advice and attach notes for the next steps for setting up your business. The process is continuous, and the objective is to promote economic development and advocate for businesses.

There’s no moss growing under the feet of the team members for the Partnership, and this year the Partnership is getting ready to launch real estate tours once a month, giving people the opportunity to join a one-hour long walking tour of Downtown commercial and retail properties. Some of the tours will be customized, and after every tour will be an informal networking session at a designated venue with happy hour discounts for tour members.

The Partnership's Facade Improvement Program also stimulates economic development, as with the renovation of the Chicago Music Store.

The Partnership’s Facade Improvement Program also stimulates economic development, as with the renovation of the Chicago Music Store, seen here at the facade unveiling.

The Partnership also works with existing Downtown businesses, providing consultation on marketing and business strategies, and remains in constant communication with business owners and staff.

“We want business owners to know that we’re actively working for you every day,” Greenway says. “We want to bridge the gap and tell them ‘call us for anything, we’ll help you.’”

The Partnership has an action plan for its next steps in finding out what people want in Downtown and why they come Downtown, which is valuable market information for merchants. The partnership will conduct a Pedestrian Intercept Survey once a year to find out why and how locals arrived Downtown – car, bike, streetcar, or walking.

There will also be a Downtown Housing Market Survey, which will identify market numbers such as price per square foot. The survey results, in addition to working with a consultant, will enable the Partnership to generate a housing demand report for potential developers, homebuyers, and merchants.

The Partnership delivers a State of Downtown Report each year to let everyone know how our Downtown has grown, and where there is room for interested locals to move into the Downtown area to live or for launch a business. The annual report gives a picture of Downtown’s past, current state of development, and projected outlook.

The Downtown Tucson Partnership’s Economic Development program is a toolbox full of all the necessary supplies, plus many extras, to help grow and promote economic development and encourage thoughtful structure.

The Partnership is there day and night to help our Downtown businesses thrive and to keep our Downtown visitors happy. Stop by and visit the team at the Downtown Tucson Partnership and say “hi.” Call or email anytime with questions, needs or feedback. Stay connected here at the website for the latest up-to-date happenings for all of Downtown. All Tucsonans are community partners in keeping the core of our city attractive, fun and safe for all to enjoy.

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