HighWire Puts Downtown Tucson on the Map with Molecular Mixology Methods

May 19, 2015

By Cristina Manos

Nicholas Eggman (left) & Jacob Hise (right) don't mess around when it comes to designing venues and specialty cocktails.

Nicholas Eggman (left) & Jacob Hise (right) don’t mess around when it comes to designing venues and specialty cocktails.

There are less than 20 molecular mixology bars in the United States, and HighWire in Downtown is about to make that number go up by one. Owners Jacob Hise and Nicholas Eggman are inspiring a forward thinking venue where guests will have the chance enjoy classic craft cocktails and modern infusions with the option to upgrade to the molecular mixology variety of what may remind you of sci-fi cocktails.

At HighWire, the owners are creating an intellectual social house sporting an 800 square foot patio and a roll up window to the bar for easy access, efficiency, and convenience. The efficiency doesn’t stop with easy access to the bar. HighWire is providing easy access to some of the rarest alcohol treats ever experienced by mankind. Hise has a secret technique that speeds up the process for spherification of tequila into caviar drops, which deliver smooth crisp tequila into the mouth in a truly unique way. Hise knows all the secrets to changing flavor profiles.

“We can change a lemon into a piece of candy without actually changing anything about the lemon itself,” Hise says. One of his main objectives is to introduce people to more progressive cocktails and grow the trend here in Tucson. HighWire offers rare choices that you can’t find anywhere else in the area. The bartender can give you an education, but some of HighWire’s secrets will be kept under the radar until later notice.

Located at 14 South Arizona Avenue, HighWire is set to open on Friday, June 12. South Arizona Avenue is about to be a well known hub in Downtown, after simply being just an alley for so long, thanks to the addition of HighWire along side Johnny Gibson’s Market and Independent Distillery, all opening this summer.

HighWire Lounge, in its infancy.

HighWire Lounge, in its infancy.

The souped-up cocktails at High Wire may seem intimidating but not to worry, the bar offers all the usual suspects as well, like choices of brew and wine. And at HighWire, even though the molecular mixology brings an element of upscale quality to Downtown, the owners understand that intellectuals in Tucson don’t need a lot of bling or flash, and the venue is relaxed. The open atmosphere of the large patio and choice of seats on the patio, at the bar or in the lounge attract both those who like fresh air or those who want to hole up in a dark corner.

Just as Hise has a flare for transforming cocktails, co-owner Eggman has a flare for transforming venues. Both believe in having a fluid design, which translates to both the cosmetic esthetic of the bar and the custom design of signature cocktails. When Tucsonans round the corner from Congress onto South Arizona Avenue they’re absolutely going to notice the difference.

Hise and Eggman brought their own dreams to life and they hope to offer you an experience that will bring your dreams -about the infinite possibilities involved with creating cocktails that seem like they are from another world- to life as well. All while being completely cozy and relaxed in this sleek lounge located in beautiful Downtown Tucson.

HighWire is scheduled to open on June 12th. Please visit their website for more information.