Hub Ice Cream Factory opens Friday

May 20, 2015

Hub Ice Cream FactoryBy Simon Brimmer

Maybe you’re in the mood for some Choco Taco, or the Purple Velvet Whoopie Pie, or 22 other unique flavors. Whatever suits your desire, starting Friday you can get your ice cream on.

That’s the date for the Hub Ice Cream Factory grand opening, the perfect capper for a dab of delectable Downtown dessert debauchery.

The quaint shop, located across the street from Hub at 245 E. Congress, Suite 171, performed well in a soft open setting UA graduation weekend. As a result, Director of Operations Sandy Ford is ready to launch for real.

IMG_55881“Considering all we had was a sign and a front door, we were very pleased by the number of people we served in here,” Ford said. “It was a lot of fun.”

Ford says Hub Ice Cream Factory has most of its menu up to speed and will continue to add as the days progress. The hours of operation are favorable for the Downtown sweet tooth crowd as well.

“Thursday, Friday and Saturday noon to 2 am, Sunday through Wednesday we’re open noon to 10pm,” said Ford. “At some point on the late nights we’ll lock the front door and serve out of the window on Congress.”

But it’s worth arriving in time to see the impressively decorated interior, a collection of vibrant blues, reds and whites with a welcoming, yet distinctly Downtown Tucson feel.

“It’s really cute in here,” Ford said.

Enjoy the ambiance, but try the Choco Taco.

Said Ford, “It’s probably the best thing I’ve ever had.”