Simple Little Burger Joint Joins Downtown, Kearbey’s is Right Around the Corner

May 15, 2015

Tyler owned several small businesses before venturing into restaurants.

Tyler owned several small businesses before venturing into restaurants.

By Cristina Manos

A new burger joint takes over an old burger joint as Kearbey’s replaces what was L&J Burgers at 100. N Stone. The name of the game is “simple quality” and owner Tyler Eade couldn’t be happier to put his minimalist attitude into his first restaurant.

Although the menu is simple, everything is made in-house, and at Kearbey’s your simple burger will gave a gourmet flare. Eade believes in localism, sustainability and consistency. Fresh ingredients are a must and Kearbey’s will feature products by other local companies such as buns from Bakehouse Bread Company. All sauces and dressings are made in-house and the menu will have healthy options, as well as gluten free and vegetarian options.

“It’s not just a greasy burger bar, which I’m a fan of,” Eade says, “but this appeals to everyone. Being in Downtown is a good environment for that.”

The dining area of

As soon as you walk in, you know Kearbey’s is not just another greasy burger joint.

Ironically, Eade used to be a vegetarian, which gives him a pretty good idea about what it takes to satisfy the veggie-seeker who wants a quick healthy grab from the nearby burger joint. Vegetarian types will be happy to know, there’s more at Kearbey’s they can enjoy than just the fries.

Eade loves the location and even more so, the size of the space. This isn’t Eade’s first time owning a business, but it is his first time owning a restaurant, and a small 35-seater helps make it manageable, and being in Downtown will definitely make it enjoyable.

“This is the right one, I love the area,” Eade says. “I like the size. I wanted something small.” Eade and his wife Rachel, who is partnering with him on Kearbey’s, love Downtown and prefer being just off the main strip and tucked into the business district where people who work in the area can stop in for a quality meal and a friendly “hello.”

Join Kearbey's for their grand opening on Monday, May 18th!

Join Kearbey’s for their grand opening on Monday, May 18th!

Kearbey’s is set to have its opening day on Monday, May 18. Kearbey’s will be open for breakfast and lunch. The menu features breakfast sandwiches, oatmeal, fresh fruit and yogurt, salads, burgers with choice of beef, turkey, or veggie, interesting toppings, sides of fries, tots, coleslaw or potato salad, kids choices like PB & J, grilled cheese, or kid’s burger, shakes, fountain drinks, coffee and tea. Kearbey’s will also feature a few local brews and wine in the near future.

Eade will be at Kearbey’s every day as its owner, operator and chef. He’s passionate about food. He’s tested the waters with other businesses and ideas, but he’s been in the restaurant world for the past 14 years and it keeps drawing him back.

Stop in at Kearbey’s and enjoy the simple quality that this little Downtown burger joint has to offer. Kearbey’s is set to open on Monday, May 18. It’s just around the corner, literally, of Stone and Pennington and has something tasty to offer for all Downtown belly’s hungry for breakfast or lunch.