Summer in the City is Hot & the Discounts are Worth It

May 13, 2015


Your Summer in the City card allows you to save big at over 110 merchants!

By Cristina Manos

There’s no denying the fact that Tucson becomes somewhat of a dusty ghost town during the sizzling summer months. Snow birds head back to cooler temperatures and flocks of students leave the desert for summer break. Those who stay become lethargic from the heat wave, and even the “dry heat” has businesses suffering a 20-30% drop in business during the summer months.

Summer in the City is a program that helps keep our locals inspired to get out and enjoy six of Tucson’s districts along the streetcar route and in surrounding areas. It is a tech savvy discount card that can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars on food, lifestyle and entertainment in the summer months. The little card reminds us that we don’t have to sacrifice these pleasures just because it’s hot, and gives us a reward for going out and enjoying Tucson during the months when traffic isn’t so bad and parking is plentiful.

“It’s our way of thanking you for coming to our businesses for over the summer,” John Jacobs, the pioneer of the program, says.

Gaze upon it, in all its heavenly glory. The Summer In The City card comes in six different art variants, and is your ticket to hot times at cheap prices in the Old Pueblo all summer long!

Gaze upon it, in all its heavenly glory. The Summer In The City card comes in six different art variants, and is your ticket to hot times at cheap prices in the Old Pueblo all summer long!

Over 110 merchants participate in the program by offering significant discounts featured at over the months of June, July and August. The site has around one million viewers during the summer months. Participating businesses go beyond restaurants and bars – 4th Avenue Yoga is offering discounts, the Fox Theatre is participating, clothing boutique Hydra is on board and so is Krikawa Jewelry Designs, to name a few.

The Summer in the City discount program has the support of partners and sponsors to the tune of a $100K+ promotional budget. Partnerships with KVOA  and KOLD News 13 will ensure that viewers will hear about Summer in the City through hundreds of commercials and thousands of digital impressions. Visit Tucson is also on board to promote the program, as well as other local favorites like KXCI and Zocalo magazine.

So get ready Tucson! Local media is going to help inspire you to leave your house often this summer and sweat out the months while saving some cash and enjoying your social life, despite the heat. Misery loves company, and we can all get through it together by venting over a cold beverage, or letting a live performance help us forget our heat wave woes.

Large-web-flyer-summer-in-the-city-Rally-MediaSummer in the City cards cost just $5 and are available through participating businesses and community partners. There are 50,000 Summer in the City cards available this year, and they go fast. At $5 a pop, as well as some giveaways, there will be 50,000 lucky Tucsonans who will enjoy discounts on many of their favorite activities.

John Jacobs is also turning the Summer in the City program into a whole lot of fun for kids and parents. There will be three children’s adventures for families to participate in, and there are prizes for those who story-board their adventure on social media with the hash tag #tucsonsummer. Participants in the #tucsonsummer kids adventures get picked as contest winners for best picture(s), video, journal, or story-board. Maps and a description of the three adventures will be located on the website, and adventures will run along the streetcar route to inspire kids and parents to enjoy the ride, so parents don’t have to drive.

There’s so much more to do Downtown than ever before, which is an inspiration in and of itself for getting out and enjoying the vivacity of Tucson’s core. Summer in the City is a program that directly helps local businesses by offering massive promotion to encourage locals to visit Downtown, and have a lot of fun while taking advantage of summer discounts. For more information and a list of participating businesses, click here.