Veg in a Box Brings Earth’s Flavor to Downtown

May 20, 2015


Erik Korchmaros and Matthew Price at the new Veg in a Box location on Pennington St. and Scott Ave.

By Cristina Manos

Once the engine was fired up on the first Veg in a Box food truck there was no slowing down for owners Erik Korchmaros and Matthew Price. After only 7 months of establishing a brand with food trucks, they are bringing Veg in a Box to a convenient Downtown location. Set to open in late June, Veg in a Box will reside at the corner of Pennington and Scott, at 75 E. Pennington, and this location doesn’t have wheels.

The owners plan to retain one Veg in a Box truck while running their restaurant and small market at the Downtown location. The building itself doubles as a small factory, allowing for easy make and bake on site, so that the food truck is stocked from the back door and pastries and bread are made in-house by a master baker.

Veg in a Box will specialize in packaged dehydrated veggie burgers made from shelf stable simple ingredients like beets and garbanzo beans. This packaged option is made in house made possible by Rocking J’s Naturals, an umbrella company whose owner wholeheartedly believed in the concepts set forth into action at Veg in a Box. The burger powder only has six ingredients, and you will never find a GMO, gluten, or soy at this establishment. Just add water, and you have burger patties ready to cook.

Who says meatless has to mean tasteless?

Who says meatless has to mean tasteless? Photo courtesy of Veg in a Box.

Plant based food doesn’t mean scary, tasteless food and Korchmaros doesn’t believe in featuring bland options. “Paleo is a cave man diet,” he says. “This is space food.”

Veg in a Box will be open for breakfast and lunch, and Downtown is in for a treat. One example of a featured breakfast option is the organic blue corn pancakes with prickly pear compote. Lunch includes a variety of burgers and sandwiches, all plant based, of course. Salads and raw entrees are an option, and so are pastries and a smoothie, coffee, or juice beverage.

Veg in a Box will feature local products in the grocery section as well as within the beverage selection. The market will offer Sonora Harvest Kale Chips, a special Exo Roast coffee blend and local lemonade from Patagonia Orchards. There will be a take out fridge for cold items as well as a pastry case for those who want to grab and go. The owners want you to have the option to enjoy a coffee and a pastry now, before you grab your lunch from the cooler for later that day.

Mix for the organic blue corn pancakes.

Mix for the organic blue corn pancakes, courtesy of Veg in a Box.

The concept at Veg in a Box is all about the taste. Both Korchmaros and Price worked in the food industry and both walked away because they did not believe in what they were serving. Plant based American food can be especially tasty when you have a chef preparing it, and Korchmaros is just that. He not only believes in the quality of the food and its nutritional value, he believes in satisfying the taste buds as well.

“I just want to show people how bad-ass veggies can be.” Korchmaros says. He is sure that he can do that, and a whole lot more.

Veg in a Box can seat about 70 people and the owners will eventually offer delivery by bicycle. Along with the continued operation of the food truck, it’s possible you could see Veg in a Box any place in town. But for now, check out the new Downtown location and enjoy the plant based modern day space food options they have to offer.