Breakfast-on-the-Go! Morning Eats Available Throughout Downtown

June 3, 2015

Treat yourself to Nook pastries in the morning.

Treat yourself to Nook pastries in the morning.

By Cristina Manos

Breakfast is an essential meal, it’s true. A morning meal delivers important energy to the brain to help your body and mind function at their highest levels throughout the day. But with busy American lifestyles, there are some days when you just don’t have time, and you leave the house in the morning on an empty stomach.

Well, Downtown offers so many solutions to this empty morning-stomach situation. There are a variety of Downtown restaurant and coffee shops that offer the opportunity for a quick-grab for your morning needs. No matter what area of Downtown you’re in, there’s something right by you screaming “Yummy breakfast options right here!”, including some places you probably haven’t thought of for a speedy grab-and-go breakfast experience.

If you’re rolling into Downtown traveling from east to west on Congress St., as soon as you enter the area, breakfast options pop up. Any unsuspecting option for a healthy to-go breakfast is a stop in to Planet Smoothie. Simply approach the counter, select from a variety of options like an acai bowl, amazing waffles, a quick energy bar, oatmeal, or of course, a smoothie. They do offer basic coffee choices, and energy boosters or add-ins to smoothies, which can provide a kick-start to your day.

Beyond this door, baked eggs await.

Beyond this door, baked eggs await.

Your next option is The Cup Café at Hotel Congress. They offer a full menu of breakfast options, as well as a range of caffeinated beverages. This is the kind of grub you may want to call in advance for, order your breakfast and beverage to go, stop in and pay, and be on your way. Trying to order on the spot when you get there is not a good idea if you’re in a rush because The Cup is a popular, busy restaurant and takes care of in-house patrons on a non-stop basis. Call in ahead on your way to Downtown when you want to spoil yourself with a homemade, well-crafted breakfast meal. Or sit down and enjoy the full experience.

Just north of The Cup at 400 N. Toole Ave. you can find Maynard’s Market. Maynard’s has just about everything you need to make a complete breakfast. They offer coffee and latte-type caffeinated delights like cappuccino and mochas. The bakery offers scrumptious pastries and sweets such as scones, croissants, cinnamon rolls and banana bread. Along side these quick options, Maynard’s Market has a full breakfast menu for call ahead selections like a breakfast burrito, a ham and cheese French toast sandwich, or something as decadent as the cheddar biscuit and peppered gravy.


Sparkroot has a full range of breakfast food and drink.

A little further west will bring you to Sparkroot (245 E. Congress), a quaint coffee shop and food place. Sparkroot has a limited breakfast menu but it offers the perfect options for the grab-and-go. Get a coffee beverage and grab a muffin and you’re off to start your day. They have a breakfast sandwich if you want the full deal, but even a homemade granola bar is a temptation when you’re in a hurry.

If you’re entering Downtown from the south, you can treat yourself to a fancy breakfast to-go by calling ahead and ordering from 5 Points Market (756 S. Stone Avenue) or stopping in for a quick pastry, or even something healthy like fruit and yogurt from the market section. 5 Points has amazing breakfast options like Smoked Salmon Benedict, The Giant Pancake, and they even offer a Breakfast Salad.

Moving more toward the west end of Downtown, you’ll find Nook at 1 E. Congress, and there are lots of yummy breakfast options to order ahead or to grab-and-go. The pastry case is loaded with house-made deliciousness with anything from a tasty scone to a specialty loaf. There’s even a special “Grab-And-Go” menu with choices of breakfast sandwiches, a yogurt parfait, and steel cut oats. Nook offers an array of caffeinated beverages to compliment any breakfast. And if you want to order ahead for a full morning meal, Nook offers a full breakfast menu including omelets, benedicts, biscuits and gravy, and BBQ pork hash, to name a few.

Planet Smoothie serves waffles and

Planet Smoothie serves waffles, oatmeal, and more (not to mention smoothies!).

There’s also a new joint around the corner of Pennington and Stone, and it’s one place you may not be expecting to find breakfast. The new burger restaurant, Kearbey’s, 100 N. Stone Ave., has breakfast options as well as coffee and tea. Kearbey’s offers a variety of breakfast sandwiches on an English muffin accompanied by sides of fresh fruit and breakfast potatoes. Fresh fruit and yogurt are also sold as single items for the light-appetite, and oatmeal is offered as well.

If you’re coming into Downtown from the west, a must-try for breakfast options is Café a la C’art at 140 N. Main Ave. just north from Alameda. Although Café a la C’art has grab and go options, I would highly suggest getting a to-go order and picking up a meal from the breakfast menu. The have Banana Cream French Toast, frittatas galore, skillets, and even Green Eggs and Ham. Another impressive aspect of this café is the amazing selection of hot or cold and always available to-go, coffee drink selections.

All of Nook's herbs come directly from this garden right behind the restaurant.

All of Nook’s herbs come directly from this garden right behind the restaurant.

Also on your way into Downtown from the west you might be in the mood for house made quiche, pastries or even a sinful slice of pie for breakfast. In this case, call in an order or stop by Pie Bird Bakery & Café at 177 N. Church Ave, just north of Alameda. One of the best things about Pie Bird is the affordable price for a homemade breakfast. They also have a full menu of coffee drinks. And of course the specialty is anything from the bakery itself. Tasty, flaky breakfast treats are at your fingertips.

There are so many breakfast options in Downtown. Click here for a full list, plus the best stops for lunch and dinner. Downtown offers a variety of coffee shops and breakfast spots that should keep you fueled with vibrant energy throughout your day. Even when you’re pressed for time, breakfast is important. So consider your Downtown options for a breakfast-on-the-go kind of day and avoid the mid-morning belly rumble.