It’s A Dog’s World: 5 Dog-Friendly Spots Downtown

June 15, 2015

Pippa catching some rays at Sparkroot.

Pippa catching some rays at Sparkroot.

by Liz Felix

If you’re a dog lover, you know how hard it can be to leave your four-legged pal behind as you walk outside the door to meet friends or grab a cup of joe. And sometimes, those adorable furry faces and doe-eyes are just too hard to deny, so they come along for the ride. Now what? Well, if you’re visiting Downtown Tucson you’re in luck. Check out these dog-friendly spots that both you and your well-behaved pup will be sure to enjoy this summer.

245 East Congress Street

There’s nothing but dog lovers over at Sparkroot, the uber cute coffee bar on the corner of Congress and Fifth Avenue. When it comes to your canine pal, they’re always welcome. “We’d love to have ‘em over,” says owner Ari Shapiro whose love for dogs led him to create the Paw Shake at Xoom. Sparkroot has a small outside patio where your dog is free to relax and do some people watching of their own while you drink your coffee. While there’s nothing on the menu for dogs, a special doggie biscuit is in the works that’s sure to get some tails wagging.

Pippa loves the specials at World of Beer!

Pippa loves the specials at World of Beer!

World of Beer
350 East Congress Street

It’s all about man’s best friend at World of Beer’s Dog Days of Summer event. World of Beer is holding the summer-long event every Sunday featuring great food and drink specials. “It seems that the love for craft beer and the love for dogs go hand in hand and what better way to be able to enjoy both at the same time?” says manager Kayla Gorzalka. While you chow down on freshly grilled $3 hamburgers and $2 hot dogs, your doggie can nibble on treats and drink cool water provided by the good folks at World of Beer. You’ll want to take advantage of the great drink specials too like their $3 Bloody Marys, $3 margaritas and $3 Long Islands. World of Beer has worked closely with dog rescues in the past, helping raise money for animal shelters so needless to say, World of Beer takes their love for dogs seriously and for a community full of animal lovers, that’s appreciated!

That's one happy pup at Hotel Congress.

That’s one happy pup at Hotel Congress.

Hotel Congress
311 East Congress Street

When the temperatures are in the hundreds, a break from the sun is a must. Fortunately, Hotel Congress’ large pet-friendly plaza has plenty of shade for you and your pup to escape the heat. Recognized by Tucson Lifestyle as a Fido-friendly joint, the nice folks at Hotel Congress will bring out bowls of water for your pooch to hydrate and keep cool while you peruse their delicious menu of food and drinks.

Shot in the Dark
121 East Broadway Boulevard

Noon or midnight, Shot in the Dark Cafe is open to you and your dog 24 hours, 7 days a week. The cafe, which serves coffee and breakfast any time of the day, has a covered patio that’s perfect for some reprieve from the sun and the friendly staff is always happy to treat your dog to some refreshing water. For the humans, Shot in the Dark has a large menu with food options to satisfy just about everyone.

Pippa doing some people watching at Shot in the Dark.

Pippa doing some people watching at Shot in the Dark.

Street Taco and Beer Co.

58 West Congress Street

There’s meat in tacos. Dogs like meat. Therefore, your dog will love chilling on Street Taco’s pet-friendly patio as the smell of carne asada hits their little noses. It’s that simple. Take your pick from the variety of Mexican food options on Street Taco’s menu which includes ceviche, tortas and burros made to your liking. Oh, did you drop a bite on the ground? Not a problem, I’m sure your dog will appreciate your sloppiness.

Here are some other dog-friendly spots in Downtown Tucson that you might want to check out:

Elliott’s on Congress
Café à la C’Art
Blu – A Wine and Cheese Shop