Johnny Gibson’s Market Open & Serving Downtown Tucson

July 10, 2015

JG1By Cristina Manos

There’s exciting news for Downtown Tucson. Downtown’s only full service market, Johnny Gibson’s Downtown Market has opened at 11 S. 6th Ave. There’s nothing like the sweet relief of knowing that if you’ve left the house on a hot Tucson day and forgot to put on deodorant, you’re not out of luck when you arrive Downtown.

From now on when you’re in Downtown, whether you work, play, or live there, you will have access to everything you need, thanks to the partners who brought together Johnny Gibson’s Market. With spirit that promotes “Go Local!” Paul & Christi Cisek, and Ron & Kelly Abbot, are ready to provide just about anything you need to thrive in Downtown. These founders want you to know that you don’t have to fear ‘sticker shock’ just because the market is locally owned and operated, they want to serve the needs of Downtown, which includes affordable items at comparable prices.

The urban market will have a European feel, or "Eurban".

The urban market will have a European feel.

“We want the market to be timeless, like it was always here,” Paul Cisek says, “like Johnny Gibson is still here.” The market is named in memory of Johnny Gibson, the Downtown legend, who died at the age of 88 five years ago. Johnny was a WWII war hero, a Downtown business owner and barber, and a fitness guru and competitor. A line in his obituary reads: “He will be remembered as a loving family man with a tremendous zest for life, a steadfast friend, and positive role model to generations of Tucsonans.”


Photos of Downtown legend Johnny Gibson line the wall.

 The owners of Johnny Gibson’s Market are focused on community involvement and social outreach. They will work with nonprofits who feed the community, like the Gospel Rescue Mission, to get food and products into the hands of the less fortunate folks in the Tucson community. Helping and serving everyone in the Downtown community, and the greater community, is the main intention for the market owners.

Aside from having access to fresh food and necessities, those in the Downtown area will have the opportunity to attend lectures and workshops regarding food and health at Johnny Gibson’s. The founders want the space to be relative to the surrounding community and want to engage in communication and education with folks who are interested in healthy living.


Find items from gourmet cheese to mac & cheese at JGDM.

Johnny Gibson’s also supports local businesses by carrying as many local items as is possible in the market. Some of the locals being used are Isabella’s Ice Cream, Santa Cruz Chili & Spice Co., Sunrise Baking Co., and Tucson Tamale Co. You can check out the full list on the locals page on the website to see which local businesses are currently signed on to sell their products through the Downtown marketplace. Bashas, which is an Arizona company, is the main supplier for all items that don’t come from Tucson merchants. Organic, non-GMO foods are amongst the offerings at the fully stocked market.

Johnny Gibson’s is a full service market with a European flare. The market will feature a 16-foot salad bar, a prepared food café, beer and wine, in addition to all the items you would expect like fresh produce, meat, fish, cleaning products, toiletries etc. And they’re offering bike delivery, as well as access to bikes for those who need to borrow some wheels for quick and easy transport around Downtown. Patrons of the market can set up express delivery of their groceries or contract delivery, making it easy for those who don’t have the opportunity to get out to get what they need for daily living in Downtown.

Relax on the patio with a cool beer.

Relax on the patio with a cool beer.

From now on if you’re Downtown and you find yourself in an emergency situation, such as needing some antibiotic ointment and a bandage right quick, or needing something as simple and necessary as toothpaste, you can stop into Johnny Gibson’s Market and find what you need to save the day. If you’re running around Downtown on a hot summer afternoon, about to pass out from dehydration and low blood sugar, you can stumble into Johnny Gibson’s and find a cold beverage and a piece of fruit to replenish your body. And you will surely be thankful for the 20-foot ceiling fan at the market, essential for pushing cold air about.

The arrival of Johnny Gibson’s Market is exciting for Downtown Tucsonans. It will be the only full service market in our Downtown, and is a welcome commodity for folks who live, work, and visit the city’s core.