Tucson Museum of Art Opens Two New Exhibits

July 27, 2015

Tucson Museum of Artby Mariana Colin

A tradition of the Arizona art world is returning this weekend to the Tucson Museum of Art. The Arizona Biennial, first established in 1948, presents the most interesting new work in Arizona, by artists both emerging and widely-recognized. The 2015 exhibit, curated by Irene Hoffman, Director and Chief Curator of SITE Santa Fe, features 50 works selected from 1,490 submissions.

From sculpture to painting to interactive installation, these pieces use a range of media to display a uniquely Arizonan perspective on common artistic themes. In her curation, Irene Hoffman looked for works that made a relevant statement on a few particular subjects, including the turbulent relationship between humans and nature, reclamation and repurposing of objects from the past, and society’s treatment of violence. Walking through the exhibit, you start to feel these subjects feed into each other, leaving you with the impression that the themes aren’t quite as unrelated as they may have seemed at first.

Additionally, the Tucson Museum of Art has a new exhibit that celebrates the human capacity for strength in hard times. Museum as Sanctuary: Perspectives of Resilience is part of the Tucson Museum of Art’s ongoing relationship with the Hopi Foundation’s Owl & Panther Project, which works with refugee families in the Tucson area.

Tucson Museum of ArtThe exhibit shares artwork by these refugees, who in various forms of media express their identity not only as a product of their past experiences, but also of their hopes and aspirations for the future. By focusing on communication and community through art, the exhibit provides a physical representation of the human ability to change, adapt, and recover.

The Biennial opens to the public on July 25th and will run until October 11th. The closing celebration, which will also be open to the public, will send the exhibit off with well-deserved fanfare, providing food, wine, live music, and silent auctions of some of the featured pieces. To learn more about the event, email CAS@TucsonMuseumofArt.org.

Museum as Sanctuary, which opened on the 17th and will run through January 3rd, is just in time for Owl & Panther’s 20th anniversary, which will be also celebrated at the museum in September. The celebration will include food, drink, and live music. For more information you can email owlandpanther@hopifoundation.org.