Ritual by Kate’s Magik Brings Massage, Aromatherapy to Downtown Tucson

November 12, 2015

Kate Becker and her wonderful staff.

Kate Becker and her staff.

by Liz Felix

Right on the corner of Court Avenue and Washington Street, nestled in the historic El Presidio District is a new shop with one simple goal in mind: to help heal the mind, body and soul. Ritual by Kate’s Magik, an intent-based aromatherapy shop is Downtown Tucson’s newest addition and it aims to be the go-to spot for pure essential oil blends and plant-based aromatics.

Ritual unites aroma, hand-crafted oils, and Reiki (an energy healing technique) that’s said to enhance physical and spiritual health and promote joy and positivity, infusing that with a selection of holistic massage treatments.

“I wanted to create a retail space in Tucson where people could find anything they need for rituals and ceremonies, as well as experience the powerful healing properties of essential oils and be inspired to enhance their well-being,” says owner Kate Becker.

Just across the street from La Cocina Restaurant and Old Town Artisans.

Just across the street from La Cocina Restaurant and Old Town Artisans.

Choosing Downtown for her first brick and mortar store was an easy one.

“I love the location. The energy, the vibe. Everything,” says Becker. ”You can get lunch at La Cocina, come here for a massage, then head over to the Presidio for some history.”

From therapeutic perfumer to a Reiki Master Teacher, Becker at an early age believed that she held power over her own well-being and discovered homeopathic medicine.

Growing up as a sickly child, Becker said she was accustomed to using antibiotics but when her mother saw that she was not improving, she sought another approach: homeopathy. Becker said that it didn’t take long for her to see and feel the difference. It changed her life and it soon became her profession.

Becker made a move from New York City to Tucson, and started her own aromatherapy company, Kate’s Magik, with the intention of providing the same natural therapeutic medicine to the community, combining the power of intention with aromas from plants that contain healing properties.

“I love bodywork. The combo of aroma and body is so powerful,” says Becker in regards to her massage treatments that are meant to relieve stress, improve healing and instill peace and love. “It’s not just a massage. It’s really a healing ritual,” she says.

Anointing Oils, Aura Mists, Body Perfume Oils, Intention-based Herbal Teas and more!

Anointing Oils, Aura Mists, Body Perfume Oils, Intention-based Herbal Teas and more!

The massage treatments combine oils, touch, aroma and music to create a healing session that Becker believes continues even after you leave. Becker is a big believer in the power of touch.

“When our bellies hurt, we touch our stomach. When our ears hurt, we touch our ears. There’s a healing energy that flows through our hands,” says Becker, which is what led her to combine Reiki with aromatherapy massages.

Every massage treatment begins with a brief purification ritual using either white sage or Kate’s Magik Purification and Protection Mist. Ritual’s massage therapists have years of experience and are Reiki certified, something that’s very important to Kate Becker. The treatments utilize essential oils which are hand-crafted and blended in-house.

From the oils, sprays and massage treatments, intention is what’s at Ritual’s core, says Becker. Some of the questions the Ritual staff may ask are: What is it that you’re trying to heal, discover, or let go? Are you looking for purification, protection, or balance? Are you looking for a boost in health or simply looking to relieve some stress?

“It’s about showing up for ourselves,” says Becker. “It’s about working with our shadows. That’s where our healing lies.”

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