Downtown is site of Arizona Bowl block party Dec. 28

December 22, 2015

Richard Noel will be one of the performers at the Downtown Block Party.

Richard Noel will be one of the performers at the Downtown Block Party.

By Simon Brimmer

A lot has changed in Tucson since the city hosted its last college football bowl game in 1999. The most noteworthy change has occurred with Downtown Tucson’s dramatic, vibrant renovation.

Downtown is ready to showcase itself, and act as welcoming host for residents of Reno and Fort Collins, the home bases of Nevada and Colorado State, two locations certainly familiar with winter around this time of year.

As part of the inaugural Arizona Bowl festivities, a block party will occur in Downtown Tucson Monday, Dec. 28, the day before the game.

Downtown will be blocked off on 5th Avenue between Toole and Congress, and activities will commence from 3-8pm. In that time, visitors from both schools and interested Tucsonans will take part in a slew of events, highlighted by street performers, a beer garden, sand volleyball, performances from the University of Nevada and Colorado State marching bands and live music at an outdoor stage featuring SQWRL, Linda Chorney and Grupo Manteca.

Combine those activities with Downtown’s burgeoning nightlife, and it’s safe to assume Tucson is ready to put its best foot forward for the out-of-towners.

For more information on the block party and the Nova Home Loans Arizona Bowl, scheduled for 5:30 Tuesday, Dec. 29 at Arizona Stadium, check out