City of Tucson Mural Finalists Unveiled and Underway!

April 25, 2016

Just like a brand-new legal pad or a blank canvass, this spot on the side of Wig-O-Rama at 98 East Congress is just dying for something beautiful, isn't it?

Just like a brand new legal pad or a blank canvas, this spot on the side of Wig-O-Rama at 98 E. Congress is dying for something beautiful, isn’t it?

by James Jefferies

It takes a great many things to define what makes a place an open, inviting, and attractive space for living, working, and playing. For a rapidly growing environment such as Downtown Tucson, every bit as critical as having well-designed roads, parks, and sidewalks is the art that we choose to invigorate our public spaces. Eight terrific new murals will soon grace Downtown Tucson, and the chosen finalists will begin work on their murals throughout Downtown beginning May 2nd, with painting continuing through June 6th.

The eight finalists, and the locations their works will inhabit, are as follows:

Issac Caruso, at 9 North Scott Ave
Niki Glen, at the West corner of 5th Ave & Toole
To-Ree-Nee Wolf, at Old Scrappy’s, 213 East Broadway
Jessica Gonzales, at Wig-O-Rama, 98 East Congress
Rocky Martinez, at Benjamin Supply, 440 North 7th Ave
Luis Mena, at Century Link, 142 E Pennington
Rachel Slick, Tim Schirack, and Alexandra Gjurasic, at Café 54, 54 East Pennington

Ignacio Garcia at the Rialto Theater, 318 E Congress St

Mural Map

Here’s a handy-dandy reference map for those of you wanting to check out these great new works on foot. DO IT!

The selection committee consisted of Chief Curator Julie Sasse of the Tucson Museum of Art, Ceci Garcia and Susan Silverman of the Tucson Pima Arts Council Public Art Committee, Mary Lou Thompson of Tierra Antigua Realty, and our own Brandi Haga-Blackman of the Downtown Tucson Partnership.

If you have any interest in volunteering or underwriting and sponsorship opportunities available for this and other City of Tucson Mural Program projects, please check out the Tucson Arts Brigade online at or by calling 520.791.9359.