January 8th Memorial at El Presidio Park

April 3, 2017

Rendering of the January 8th Memorial at El Presidio Park. (Photo/January 8th foundation)


Chee Salette Architecture Office (CSAO) has revealed the final design for Tucson’s January 8th Memorial + Presidio Park master plan. The Arizona House of Representatives approved HB 2436 which would appropriate a matching $2.5 million in state funds to the project which has already raised $2.5 million. The bill died in the state senate and was not scheduled for a hearing. Organizers are now seeking to raise $1.5 million online.

The permanent memorial will tell the story of what happened on January 8, 2011 and will educate and remind people of their critical role in self-governance. Most of all, it will remind future generations how our community came together at an important moment in history and how we can all continue to build a better democracy through active participation and civic discourse.


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