Cathedral Square and The Marist

May 3, 2017

The Diocesan Complex will replace the old Parish Hall and serve several different functions like conferences and public events. (Photo looking SW/ DTP Sep 7. Rendering/Diocese of Tucson)


Under Construction:

Cathedral Square is a project that will restore the historic Our Lady’s Chapel, the rectory building and the Marist College building. St. Augustine Cathedral’s parish hall has been demolished and is being replaced with a $12 million, 50,000 square foot four story complex (click picture above to see rendering). The Diocesan Complex will house offices for the cathedral on the first floor, a 500 seat convention and education center on the second, and offices on the third and fourth floors for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Tucson.

The Foundation for Senior Living is constructing a seven-story 93,017 sqft apartment complex called The Marist with 75 units for low-income seniors that will replace the old Roman Catholic Diocese of Tucson offices at the SE corner of Broadway and Church. The project includes laundry rooms, a gym, outdoor patio space, socializing rooms, and private parking. Included in the proposal is restoring and repurposing the deteriorating Marist College building(last picture below) built in 1915, into the Marist on Cathedral Square  with a first floor community center, and 8 units for low-income seniors on the second and third floors. The project was approved for low-income housing tax credits(LIHTC) in 2016.

The Marist will be located at the SE corner of Church and Broadway along the modern streetcar. (Photo/ DTP Aug 4. Rendering/Poster Frost Mitro)


The Marist College building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is the only existing three-story historic structure built with adobe mud in Arizona. (Photo looking South/DTP Sep 7. Click picture for rendering/FSL)


What will be the Marist Apartments at the SE corner of Broadway and Church is now on interior construction (click on the picture above to see the rendering). Facade restoration is nearing completion on the Marist College Building. Interior structural improvements including steel beams now hold up the historic building(click on the picture below to see the rendering).

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