Mercado San Agustín Annex

May 3, 2017

The expansion will double the number of businesses for the Mercado, allow local businesses to expand or start-up, and attract 75-100 new jobs. (Photo looking SW/DTP Aug 14. Rendering/The Gadsden Company)

Under Construction:

The 28,4805 sqft mixed-used, 38 modified shipping container project west of downtown in the Mercado district will feature restaurants, bars, a retail mall, a 500-seat outdoor entertainment and festival venue, and adjacent ground level parking. Developed by The Gadsden Company, MSA Annex will be a $5.2 million expansion of the vibrant Mercado San Agustín Public Market.

Construction commenced April 7th and will be completed in December of 2017.

For more in-depth details, checkout the The Mission District & MSA Annex presentation.


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