The Westerner & Westpoint Apartments

May 3, 2017

The historic Westerner building is located on the southeast corner of Broadway and Stone on the modern streetcar line. (Photo looking NW/DTP Oct 15)

Under Construction:

Located at 10 E Broadway Blvd, the historic Westerner building was built in 1961 and will be redeveloped by COPE Community Services. Designed by Carhuff + Cueva Architects, the existing 55,024 sqft four-story building will undergo a renovation for offices, ground floor commercial and 3,000 sqft of retail. A new 38,421 sqft six-story addition will be added (20 E Broadway Blvd) to the east side of the existing building for 50 housing units and support facilities for low-income seniors and veterans. The project was approved for low-income housing tax credits(LIHTC) in 2016.

Demolition of the existing 1 story building at 20 E Broadway is complete to make way for the 6 story addition that will be the Westpoint Apartments. New water, gas and sewer service continues along E Jackson St.


Westerner In the News:

COPE renovates The Westerner, adds low-income housing

Streetcar line drawing developers of affordable housing

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