George Strasburger: “States of Men” – July 18th

July 20, 2017

     Throughout the month of July, the walls of the Joel D Valdez Main Public Library have been lined with beautiful renderings of intimate moments from the eyes of local artist George Strasburger.

     In his series of self-proclaimed autobiographical pieces, Strasburger depicts simple and relatable interactions between various male archetypes he has known in his life. He emphasizes what he calls the “mundane and profound” relationships between traditionally male symbols “at life”. Employer and employee. Father and son. Himself among friends. Leader and followers. A relatively trivial moment of weakness or education is given the importance it deserves in theses paintings.

     The way he evokes the importance of the figures in the paintings is that while the people are rendered in oil painterly detail, the backdrops are vastly more simplified, often downright using basic shapes for buildings. In this observer’s eyes, it also conveyed how the brain remembers the kind of moments Strasburger is depicting. You recall the people and their interactions more than you do the space they occupy.

     There will be a closing reception for Strasburger’s art this upcoming Sunday from 3:00 to 5:00 pm in the library’s Children’s Meeting Room. To learn more about George and to see more of his fantastic work, visit his website at

By Austin Allison