“Song Behind the Story” at the Rialto Theatre – July 8th

July 12, 2017

     As groups of family and friends piled in to the Rialto theatre last Saturday night, a misty and dimly lit stage populated solely by standing acoustic guitars welcomed them to what would be a night of raw sounds and personal stories. For behind every song, there is a story that inspires it.

     Nowhere was that better demonstrated than at “Song Behind the Story”, where a talented array of local country musicians rocked the house with a whole album’s worth of great western tunes. Hosted by Jessica Northey and KVOI’s Christopher DeSimone, the show was a who’s-who of southern Arizona-bred talent.

     One at a time, artists such as Federico Ronstadt Jàcome, John Hawk, and Monica Mendez took turns bringing fourth their original country sounds, songs, and homegrown charm with passion and good humor. When asked to name their favorite album from any artist, one of the performers said, “My own”. There was also such a comradery between the artists that it lead to impromptu duets.

     As the name of the show invites, the singer-songwriters shared with the Rialto crowds their talents, their art, and the life experiences that inspired them. They sang about spouses of service men and women, lost friends who were music legends in their own right, and the beautiful Tucson landscape that they grew up loving.

     With “Song Behind the Story”, the Rialto theatre has once again brought Downtown Tucson a great show that celebrates and entertains the local life of the Old Pueblo.

By Austin Allison