Scott Avenue Streetscape

November 17, 2017



Rio Nuevo funded a $750,000 streetscape improvement to Scott Avenue from Congress to Pennington and kept the two-way vehicle concept. The project, designed by Norris Design, created extended sidewalks, new streetlights, and new planters and landscape. This project is meant to improve the safety and security for pedestrians, bikes and vehicles while improving connectivity to Pennington. Another goal of the project is to increase the Pennington garage revenues.

The streetscape improvements were completed in November 2017. A dedication ceremony was held with, Mayor Jonathan Rothschild, and Rio Nuevo Chairman Fletcher McCusker, on November 17, 2017.



In 2009, south Scott Avenue (south of Broadway to 14th St.) underwent a $4.92 million streetscape improvement project funded by Rio Nuevo and designed by Wheat Design Group. The project included enhanced and widened sidewalks, roadway improvements, new streetlights, public art, benches, landscaping, drainage and irrigation improvements, and water fountains.


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